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Computer Monitor

  1. How to Use a High Definition TV as a Computer Monitor (
      "There are now many ways to enjoy your favorite movies and television shows over a broadband internet connection on your computer for a small amount of money, or even for free. Unfortunately, watching such media in the confines of your home office does not make for the most enjoyable experience. If you would like to escape the office, however, and enjoy your entertainment on the big screen in the living room, this guide will detail how to connect a PC to an HDMI TV." 06-10

  2. Using a High Definition TV as a Computer Monitor (
      "With the rise of high definition video content with the adoption of HDTV, the need for a standard unified connector was needed. The DVI interface was originally developed for computer systems and was placed on early HDTV units, but there are a number of limitations with it that manufacturers looked to put together a newer connector. From this, the High Definition Multi-media Interconnect or HDMI standards were developed." 06-10


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