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Our Future
Imagine that it is 50 years from now and the world is at peace.   How did we make that happen?   Perhaps one powerful seed for world peace was having children and teachers write essays describing the future we want.   Perhaps they inspired us or gave us insight.   One thing is certain:   Our future starts with our children.   How we care for our children and show them how to care for others will, in fact, create our future.

Even one person, totally devoted to world peace, can bring peace to the world. -Ancient Proverb
How We Can Promote Peace
The following are actions each of us can take, even children, to help promote world peace.

Peace Strategies
The following include strategies for promoting peace.

Fifty Years from Now

Send Us Your Peace Ideas!
We want more essays and ideas on your vision of a world at peace 50 years from now.   You can also tell us how we got there or even what you would do to help us get there.   Your essay or ideas can be up to three pages, single spaced, and can include any of the following subjects:

-   Your vision of the world 50 years from now
-  How we got there
-  How you would contribute
-  Who (living) is leading us toward peace and what he or she has done.

Send your essay or ideas to Dr. R. Jerry Adams at this email address: Email

Provide the following information at the beginning of your essay:

-   Your name
Who you are - teacher, student, parent, librarian, or other
Title of your essay
State that we have permission to publish your essay on this Web site.   (If you do not want it published, please say so here.)

Examples of Issues

Children and Families
Long ago entire villages helped to raise a child.   Later, just the family raised the child. Recently, just the mother raised the child.   Now many children feel they have no real family and are joining gangs to feel like they belong.

-   How do we make sure that all children have the love and care they need?

Long ago leaders of tribes controlled their members in order to win against other tribes.   Leaders who controlled their members most effectively would win in battle and gain more members.   The most effective leaders defeated many tribes to form kingdoms. Kingdoms defeated other kingdoms to form nations.

-   How do we protect ourselves from leaders devoted to expansion?
-  How can we have leaders devoted to peace?
-   How do we nourish leadership, along with wisdom, in our children?

Respect for Individuals
Long ago leaders of tribes could say that other tribes were immoral because they had different beliefs.   Since other tribes were considered immoral, it was easier to justify hurting or enslaving them.   In general, we have not learned to respect individuals who are different from us.

-   How do we have a world in which we respect each other, differences and all?
-  What do we do when leaders kill or torture people who disagree with them?

Food for Thought
-  How can we ensure that the wisest among us, those who serve our highest interests, become our leaders?
-  How do we get our wisest leaders to mentor children who can eventually take their places?
-   Who are our wisest leaders now?
-  How can we train our children so that they will become effective leaders for world peace?
-  What other issues are important?

We await your essay about our future!

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