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  1. Guide to Weather Forecasting (USA Today)
      Provides sources of information on how weather forecasting is done.

  2. A Guide to Weather Technology (USA Today)
      Provides sources of information on weather technology.

  3. Weather for Pilots

  4. Weather Worldwide Forecasts by City (USA Today)
      Provides weather by city globally. 11-01

  5. Skiing Weather (Intellicast)
      Provides ski conditions by state and location within state. 10-09

  6. Weather USA Forecasts by City (USA Today)
      Provides weather reports. 10-09

  7. Weather Basics (Levine)
      Explains basic tools for recording the weather, such as the barometer, thermometer, psychrometer, and more. 1-02

  8. Weather USA and Wordwide Forecasts by City (

  9. Weather Icons (The Weather Underground)
      Provides a small icon with today's temperature for several large cities. 8-00

  10. Weather USA Forecasts by City (National Weather Service)

  11. Weather World Forecasts (NOAA)

  12. Weather World Forecasts (CAG Enterprises)
      Provides sources of weather information.

  13. Microbes May Help to Control the Weather (CNN)
      Summarizes a study to determine if microbes help to control the weather. 5-02

  14. Water-Aborbing Powder May Change Weather (
      "Storm experts in the US have made a cloud vanish from the sky for the first time."

      "They achieved the feat by sprinkling a water-absorbing powder over the cloud, making it disappear from sight and weather station radar screens. They hope the powder will one day dry up deadly hurricanes and tropical storms." Suggested for inclusion here by Karl Tegtmeyer. 2-03

  15. -04-14-09 Stimulus Steers Billions to Weatherization (CNN News)
      "Across the country, in nearly every state, boom times are coming for programs to make homes more energy-efficient." 04-09

  16. -07-22-10 Weather and the Oil Spill (
      "Time to play good news/bad news on the Gulf spill once again. Good news: retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad W. Allen told reporters today that he was all but ready to authorize BP's static kill procedure, which would involve pumping mud in through the containment cap, and that it could begin within 48 hours. If it works, the procedure could bring an earlier end to a blown well that has spilled up to 190 million gallons of oil into the Gulf."

      "However, there's trouble brewing on the horizon—literally. A storm is forming in the Caribbean, and the system is likely to move into the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend, with a 50% chance of becoming a tropical depression or storm by Friday." 07-10

  17. New Data Suggest Supernova May Have Created Nearest Black Hole (
      "New data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory suggest a highly distorted supernova remnant may contain the most recent black hole formed in the Milky Way galaxy. The remnant appears to be the product of a rare explosion in which matter is ejected at high speeds along the poles of a rotating star." 02-13

  18. -06-27-13 Is Miami Doomed? (
      "With a population of more than 5.5 million living at an elevation of just 6 feet above sea level, Miami will be one of the nation's first major metropolitan areas to feel the impacts of climate change." 06-13

  19. -09-05-13 China Aiming to Tame the Weather (EIN News)
      "The plan, running from 2013 to 2020, will divide the country into six regions and set up an interprovincial mechanism for weather control, Yao Zhanyu, a senior researcher of the Weather Modification Center under the China Meteorological Administration, told China Daily." 09-13

  20. -01-08-14 "Wobble" Created "Polar Vortex" of Cold Weather (
      "Well, some of it is dynamics that are going on in the very high atmosphere, in the stratosphere. There's often waves that... go through the atmosphere from low to high and from high to low and that can help cause some of these wobbles."

      "There's also... areas of high pressure called blocking highs that... act like stop signs in the atmosphere, preventing storms from... going through them. And we had a series of blocking highs over the past week or so over the North Pacific especially. They... rerouted the traffic in the atmosphere."

      "But... what we're... guaranteed is that we're going to continue to have cold outbreaks throughout the winter, but long-term climate change means that a lot of the cold outbreaks that we experience may not be quite as cold as they used to be. We're seeing less frequent extremely cold temperatures in many cold places.”

      "Minneapolis has had much fewer days below about minus-10 degrees Fahrenheit, fewer nighttime lows that low, in the past decade vs. the 1970s, for example. So the long-term trend is up, but we have got these natural variations in weather patterns that we try to keep close track of." 01-14

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