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  1. The Suffering of Somalia (
      "Somalia is not so much a failed state as a didn't-even-try one. It hasn't had a government since 1991, when warlords took over and embarked on a series of intractable clan wars that have produced one of the world's worst humanitarian crises: hundreds of thousands dead and 3 million people desperately in need of aid." 04-09

  2. 10-06-03 Plight of Most Women Not Improved in Afghanistan (CBS News)
      " 'The ultraconservative Taliban regime, which was toppled by a U.S.-led invasion in 2001, had banned women from working and girls from school. The Afghan government has since lifted those restrictions, but in rural areas where it has little authority many women still cannot work or girls be educated.' "

      "President Hamid Karzai has little authority outside the capital, Kabul, where most areas are ruled by warlords with private militias."

      " 'Nearly two years on, discrimination, violence, and insecurity remain rife, despite promises by world leaders, including (U.S.) President Bush and U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, that the war in Afghanistan would bring liberation for women,' the [Amnesty International] report said."

      "It added: 'The situation is unacceptable and calls for urgent action.' " 10-03

  3. 03-07-05 Chechen Leader Aslan Maskhadov (Guardian Unlimited)
      "Mr Maskhadov was elected president in 1997. Yet the brief period of de facto independence from Moscow proved problematic. Rival warlords carved the country up, and Mr Maskhadov's administration was poorly equipped to prevent a slide into savage anarchy. The Russian military reinvaded in 1999, achieving a swift victory." 3-05

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