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  1. Sailing Technology (GOALS)
      "This section contains learning projects and hands-on activities that explore technological advances in many areas related to sailing. Here you can learn about the science that makes long distance sailing and navigation possible." 5-00

  2. A Guide to Weather Technology (USA Today)
      Provides sources of information on weather technology.

  3. CNN Technology News

  4. Multimedia under Technology

  5. Integrating Technology

  6. Tips for Integrating Technology in the Classroom (Microsoft - Dyck and Morgan)
      Provides numerous tips and guidelines for helping to use technology, including the Internet, as part of the classroom. 9-01

  7. Challenge Grants for Technology in Education (Department of Education)
      Provides announcements of grants. 10-09

  8. Integrating Technology (TeachNet)
      Provides lessons. 10-09

  9. Lesson Plans in Technology

  10. Educational Technology (Gaer)

  11. Technology Terms (TechWeb)
      Provides searches for over 20,000 technology terms. 9-01

  12. Women in Science and Technology (WWWomen)
      Provides associations and other resources of interest to women interested in science and technology.

  13. Bridging the Digital Divide (Technology Access Foundation)
      Provides projects and opportunities to assist ethnic minorities to gain greater access to the Internet and technology.

  14. Technology News (Andover News Network)
      Provides news related to technology investment and trends. 2-00

  15. Technology Investment News (Red Herring Communications)
      Provides news related to investing in the high tech arena. 3-00

  16. Holocaust - Teaching Guidelines for Grades K - 4 (Florida Center for Instructional Technology)
      Provides guidelines for teaching topics that lead up to discussion of the holocaust in the eighth grade through high school. Sometimes misspelled as holacaust, holacost, or holocost. 5-00

  17. Company Information - Technology (
      Provides financial information on technology companies. 1-01

  18. Current Events in Technology

  19. Technology News and Security Issues (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
      Provides news related to technology and security related to property rights, government surveillance, and more.

  20. New Video Spying Technology for the Military (CBS News - Sniffen)
      "DARPA described a hypothetical terrorist shooting at a bus stop and a hypothetical bombing at a disco one month apart in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, a city with slightly more residents than Miami."

      CTS should be able to track the day's movements for every vehicle that passed each scene in the hour before the attack, DARPA said. Even if there were 2,000 such vehicles and none showed up twice, the software should automatically compare their routes and find vehicles with common starting and stopping points."

      "Joseph Onek of the Open Society Institute, a human rights group, said current law that permits the use of cameras in public areas may have to be revised to address the privacy implications of these new technologies."

      " 'It's one thing to say that if someone is in the street he knows that at any single moment someone can see him,' Onek said. 'It's another thing to record a whole life so you can see anywhere someone has been in public for 10 years.' " 7-03

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