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  1. Space Stations and Shuttles News (
      Provides information on the latest space missions, discoveries, and achievements each day. 11-00.

  2. Space Stations and Shuttles

  3. Ethanol (E85) Fueling Stations in the USA (
      Provides a map. Most states have some fueling stations, but almost all of the stations that are available to the public are in the Midwest. 05-06

  4. -05-25-06 FCC Probe of TV Stations Airing Ads as News (
      "Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin ordered a probe of dozens of television stations after a report found they aired advertisements as if they were news reports, people familiar with the inquiry said." 05-06

  5. -Making Fuel Pellets from Biochar for Power Stations (
      "One of the methods for condensing biomass is pelletizing. Corn stover, for example, can be made 10 times denser if it is first ground to a five-thirty-seconds-inch particle before pelletizing, according to Alan Doering, associate scientist of coproducts at the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute office in Waseca, Minn."

      "Eighty wood pellet mills across North America produce 1.1 million tons of pellets annually and 23 fireplace manufacturers make pellet stoves and fireplace inserts for burning pellets, according to the Pellet Fuels Institute, a nonprofit in Arlington, Va., that serves the pellet industry. The institute says 800,000 homes in the U.S. use wood pellets for heat."

      "Before pelletizing, the mixture [of biomass] must be conditioned using water of varying temperatures or steam. 'Corn stover has a lower glass-transitioning temperature than switchgrass,' Doering says. 'You can get a very durable corn stover pellet at 165 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas to get an equivalent pellet with switchgrass, you have to obtain temperatures greater than 200 degrees, oftentimes 210 or 220 degrees.' "

      " 'The big demand, as we see it right now, is going to be the electrical utility plants, the coal-burning plants,' Doudlah says. 'We have been involved in some test burns [with] some power plants and they are trying to see what the emissions are going to be. So far they have come back quite promising.' "

      "Pastr notes that the fluidized bed combustion technology used at power plants is inherently flexible and can burn fuels with a wide range of calorific values, ash and moisture content and they have successfully been used to cofire wood, biomass and waste materials, in addition to coal. 12-12

  6. Petition the President and Congress to Support Conversion of Power Stations (
      This petition is for the President and Congress to support the conversion of coal-fired power stations to "biomass pyrolysis" power stations to REVERSE excessive carbon dioxide in the air. Decaying vegetation (biomass) puts many times more carbon dioxide into the air than all of human activity. If we adapt coal-fired power stations to pyrolyze (heat without oxygen) biomass, we can economically reduce the amount or carbon dioxide in the air (rather than merely slow down the increase).

      Also see: Climate Change: The Delicate Balance 02-14

  7. Mir - Space Shuttle to Mir (NASA)
      Provides information on different shuttles to Mir and includes the John Glenn flight.

  8. Space Flight News (NASA)
      Provides information on space flights, including stories on the International Space Station. This new NASA site has a search engine and consolidates most other NASA Web sites for space exploration.

  9. Space Flight - Map of Web Site (NASA)
      Provides information on space flights, including stories on the International Space Station. This new NASA site has a search engine and consolidates most other NASA Web sites for space exploration.

  10. Music - By Artist, Song, or Radio Station (
      Provides a search engine to find artists, songs, and music radio stations. 4-00

  11. Space Station and Shuttle (NASA Human Spaceflight - Dismukes and Humphries)
      Provides news on events surrounding space stations and shuttles. 2-01

  12. Space Exploration Search (NASA)
      Searches NASA for information on space exploration, such as flights to Mars or the Moon, the Space Station, telescopes, pictures of planets, and more.

  13. How Electricity Gets to Your Home (
      Describes how "power distribution grids" work. Explains alternate current (AC) and direct current (DC), power stations, transmission substations, and more. 5-01

  14. Space Shuttle Columbia - History (NASA)
      Provides a history of the Columbia space shuttle. 2-03

  15. Astronauts (NASA)
      "Welcome to the astronaut biographies home page, providing biographical information on the members of the space flight crews and candidates for future missions in NASA's space flight program." "The term 'astronaut' derives from the Greek words meaning 'space sailor,' and refers to all who have been launched as crew members aboard NASA spacecraft bound for orbit and beyond." 2-03

  16. 10-27-03 Major Attack on Baghdad (
      "Suicide bombers killed at least 34 people and injured 224 today in five coordinated attacks on the Red Cross and police stations in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, U.S. and Iraqi officials said." 10-03

  17. 03-06-04 Republicans Try to Block Anti-Bush Ads (CNN News)
      "The Republican National Committee is warning television stations across the country not to run ads from the Voter Fund that criticize President Bush, charging that the left-leaning political group is paying for them with money raised in violation of the new campaign-finance law."

      "But's lawyer, Joseph Sandler, said in a statement that the ads were funded legally, calling the RNC's letter "a complete misrepresentation of the law."

      " 'It's not surprising that [RNC Chairman] Ed Gillespie continues to make false claims about the legality of our campaign in order to silence us,' Wes Boyd, president of the voter fund, said in a statement. 'Our lawyers continue to assure us that our advertising, and the small contributions from tens of thousands of our members that pay for it, conform in every way to existing campaign-finance laws.' " 3-04

  18. Fuel Cell Cars Available This Year (
      "Hydrogen-powered vehicles, and the fuelling stations to support them will be operated in the Detroit area in Michigan, in Central Florida and in California. The automotive company and the energy provider will provide details of the plan, and show the prototype vehicle and fuelling station."

      "Available for a test drive will be the latest hybrid electric vehicle technology with an advanced fuel cell to create an all-new, highly efficient, zero-emissions Ford Focus sedan." 2-04

  19. 06-23-04 Court Blocks Media Dominance Rules (
      "A federal appeals court on Thursday largely reversed a landmark set of rule changes from the Federal Communications Commission that would have allowed media companies to own more radio and television stations in the same market." 6-04

  20. Ford, Henry (CNN News)
      "But Ford's contributions reverberate far beyond his company's factories and boardrooms."

      "His policy towards employees -- most evident in his 1914 decision to essentially double the then-standard wage to $5 a day, while guaranteeing 8-hour shifts and a 5-day workweek -- rippled through the American economy. As other companies adopted this policy, more and more Americans had both the money and time to drive anywhere, anytime."

      " 'If it hadn't been for Henry Ford's drive to create a mass market for cars, America wouldn't have a middle class today,' wrote Iacocca."

      "Increased travel spurred appeals for better and more roads, the development of suburbs, the oil industry's rise and a boom in gas stations, strip malls and motels."

      "But the assembly line itself had the biggest impact on American society, Hyde contended, in making possible the swift, mass production of everything from computers to 'fast food.' "

      "Ford deserves credit for the mass consumption society in which products that people want can be produced so that they are affordable and abundant." 8-04

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