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  1. Soccer News (
      Prvides soccer news. 10-09

  2. Soccer (FIFA)

  3. Soccer Hand Signals (Instructional Spectator Guidebooks)
      Provides the meaning of each of the key hand signals. 10-99

  4. Soccer Terms and Phrases (Instructional Spectator Guidebooks)
      Provides a glossary of terms and phrases to better understand the game. 10-99

  5. Soccer
      "Football" is called "soccer" within the United States. 07-06

  6. History of Soccer (
      "Many different cultures have played a sport similar to the modern game of soccer but no one can really say with any certainty when or where soccer began but it is known that the earlier variations of what later became soccer were played almost 3000 years ago." 07-10

  7. LED Lighting Generated By a Soccer Ball (
      "Though 25% of the world's population may not have access to electricity, they all have access to a source of energy that is currently being wasted - Kinetic energy released by their bodies when they exert themselves. Now two Harvard alums have figured out how to capture this energy and convert it into electricity - The only equipment needed? A Soccket soccer ball and the desire to have some fun!" 08-12

  8. Sports Links (Justwright)
      Provides sources of information for ball sports, including American football, Australian rules football , baseball, basketball, badminton, bowls, cricket, croquet, football (soccer), gaelic football, golf, handball, hurling, field hockey, ice hockey, korfball, lacrosse, polo, roller hockey, rugby, snooker, softball, squash, table tennis, tennis, torball, and volleyball. Also provides links for water sports, including canoeing, canoe polo, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, surfing and wind surfing, rowing, swimming, water skiing, and water polo.

  9. -05-23-06 Bono and Others Fighting for Africa (MSNBC News)
      "Red is a sort of charitable response to the AIDS emergency through red products red phones Motorola putting out a red phone, American Express putting out a red card and, GAP doing T-shirts and Armani's involved. And the idea is that some of profits in fact, a lot of profits made by those items will go to global fund to fight AIDS."

      "Now, ONE is a different thing. If RED is a charity, ONE is about justice. ONE is the marching boots inside of what we do. ONE is people in the Midwest like Shane Moore, who's an evangelical soccer mom who is having a watch party for your program tonight she's unbelievable. Also Green Day, Alicia Keyes. ONE is a big movement of people. It's like the civil rights movement was like in the 60s, I suppose or the anti-apartheid movement in the 70s and 80s people getting organized. Bill Gates, Tom Brady, NASCAR." 05-06

  10. Football, Outside of the U.S.
      "Soccer" is called "football" outside of the United States and throughout the world. 07-10

  11. Beckham to Play for American Audience (ABC New)
      "International soccer superstar David Beckham is looking forward to the new challenge of playing before an American audience when he leaves Real Madrid at the end of the season for Major League Soccer's the Los Angeles Galaxy and a $250 million contract." 01-07

  12. -Editorial: Maxed-Out Moms: The Battleground Voting Block (
      "In 1996, they were the "soccer moms" Bill Clinton captured to win re-election. After 9/11, they morphed into the security moms who helped give George W. Bush a second term. Four years later, they are a little older, and their anxieties have multiplied. Their numbers are enormous: They typically account for as much as 12% of the electorate. The two campaigns are referring to them as Wal-Mart moms, but a better name might be maxed-out moms." 09-08

  13. -03-27-09 Female Athletes Have More Concussions (ABC News)
      "In sports played by both women and men, women sustain more concussions. The girls' concussion rate in high school soccer is 68 percent higher than for boys. And it's nearly triple the boys' rate in high school basketball, according to research by scientists at Ohio State, Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and the NCAA. Other studies reveal similar differences between softball and baseball, in college sports as well as high school. Yet researchers, including Brooks, find that female athletes get less information than males about concussions from all sources, including coaches, trainers and the media. Generally, women athletes don't consider concussions a serious phenomenon." 03-09

  14. Sports Concussions a Growing Concern (HealthLink)
      "Many other sports and recreational activities, including wrestling, hockey, soccer (from head collisions), snowboarding and in-line skating, can also result in concussions. Even whiplash can cause a concussion. Altogether, about 300,000 traumatic brain injuries occur each year in sports and recreation in the United States."

      "Several National Football League players (notably, quarterbacks Troy Aikman and Steve Young) retired after suffering several concussions during their careers. Multiple concussions suffered over a period of months or years increases the risk of permanent brain damage and post-concussion syndrome, in which neurological or cognitive problems become chronic. Even mild concussions occurring within hours, days or weeks of each other can result in 'second impact syndrome,' which can be fatal. As a result, coaches and trainers are showing an increased sensitivity to the effects of concussions on their players." 03-09

  15. Tips on Buying Digital Cameras (U.S. News)
      "A few ground rules can help. If there is a choice, pay for a longer zoom lens rather than more megapixels, says Julie Adair King, author of Digital Photography for Dummies. People often want more pixels because they can crop a photo to delete unwanted material around a subject, such as a small kid on a big soccer field. "A longer optical zoom lets you fill the frame with the subject in the first place," she says. But ignore "digital zoom," in which camera software simply crops the photo. That's better done later on a PC."

      "Also, find a model that has hardware that fights blurring caused by camera shake, often called optical image stabilization or antishake control. Some cameras try to do the same thing with software in what's called 'digital image stabilization,' but it doesn't work as well."

      "Finally, don't worry much about camera quality or reliability. Having been around for more than a decade, digital photography is a pretty mature technology. 'Virtually all the cameras out there from major brands do a good job,' Hoffenberg says." 11-09

  16. Spain Wins World Cup Title for 2010 (CNN News)
      "Spain won the World Cup for the first time in their history as an extra-time goal from midfielder Andres Iniesta gave them a last-gasp 1-0 victory over the Netherlands in the final at Soccer City." 07-10

  17. Shocking N.F.L. Poster on Concussions in Football (New York Times)
      "The National Football League is producing a poster that bluntly alerts its players to the long-term effects of concussions, using words like 'depression' and 'early onset of dementia' that those close to the issue described as both staggering and overdue." 07-10

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