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  1. Life Skills Standards (MCREL)
      Provides standards.

  2. Study Skills (Ah-Clem)
      Provides eight carefully reviewed and rated sites on study skills.

  3. Listening Skills (CASAA)
      Provides suggestions for improving listening skills.

  4. Study Skills (Virginia Tech)
      Includes note taking, time management, test taking for essays or objective exams, study skills, reading skills and more.

  5. Reading Skills

  6. Writing Skills

  7. Study Skills (University of Buffalo)
      Includes study skills, with an emphasis on time management and overcoming procrastination.

  8. Reading Skills (University of Texas)
      Provides suggestions to improve reading and writing skills. 3-01

  9. Personal Skills for Business (
      Provides suggestions on communication and other skills related to success in business.

  10. Skills for Business (
      Provides suggestions on sales, marketing, communication, management, and starting a business. Also includes buying and selling a business.

  11. -Reading Skills - What Causes Improvements (NAEP)
      NAEP provides the Nation's Report Card on Reading. 6-05

  12. Writing Skills Worksheets and Exercises (Jansegers) 9-99

  13. Study Skills Strategies (Berkeley - CAlREN Project)
      Provides ten articles regarding procrastination, notetaking, taking tests, and effective listening. 4-01

  14. Reading Skills (University of Bradford)
      Suggests strategies to improve the effectiveness of reading. 4-01

  15. Rubrics Creator for Collaborative Works Skills (Rubistar)
      Provides printable forms and selectable content for creating rubrics to evaluate preparation and presentation. 5-01

  16. Bicycling Skills (Exploratorium)
      Provides information on the science of bicycling. 5-01

  17. Hockey Skills (Exploratorium)
      Provides information on the science of hockey. 5-01

  18. Reading Skills Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides dozens of printable worksheets organized by theme. Especially designed to provide worksheets for types of book reports. 8-01

  19. Paleontologist Skills for Grade 4 and 5 (TeachNet)
      "Introduce students to fossils and how paleontologists mark out a dig." (Loads slowly.)

  20. Biology - Genetics Projects to Promote Scientific Inquiry Skills (Genetic Science Learning Center)
      Provides a variety of resource materials to teach about genetics.

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