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  1. Movies - Mom's Guide to Movies 9-01

  2. Movies - Reviews (TV Guide Online)
      Provides reviews for thousands of movies. Search by title, part of title, actor, or other information. Also provides detailed information on each movie and a list of current top ten video rentals. 2-00

  3. Movies (
      Provides reviews, trailers, news, time, and places for movies. 01-09

  4. Teach With Movies (Frieden and Elliott)
      Provides reviews of movies that include elements of lesson plans and background materials. Films rated by age appropriateness. Designed for parents, but appropriate for teachers. Also includes a section on films that have merit, but provides reasons why the films are not a preferred medium for use in teaching children.

  5. Movies - Times and Places (
      Provides schedules of movies in your area. Just supply your zip code or a city name and they will do the rest.

  6. Reviews of 1999 Movies ( - White)
      Provides Allen's annotated list of the best and worst movies, in terms of scripts, for 1999. 1-00

  7. Movies - Times (Internet Movie Database)
      Provides schedules of movies in your area. Just supply your zip code or a city name and they will do the rest. 2-00

  8. Top 250 Movies (Internet Movie Database)
      Provides a list of the top 250 movies, as rated by visitors to this site. 2-00

  9. Reviews of African American Movies (
      Provides news and reviews of movies, with a focus on movies staring or developed by Arican Americans. 9-00

  10. Scripts for Movies (
      "Simply links to hundreds of Scripts, Screenplays, and Transcripts of Current, Classic and maybe a few Soon-to-be-Released Movies."

  11. Top Movies (
      Provides the results of a popularity vote conducted by IMDB.

  12. Movies by Type or Genre (
      Provides movies by type or genre. "What's a genre? A genre is simply a categorization of certain types of art based upon their style, form, or content. Most movies can easily be described with certain umbrella terms, such as Westerns, dramas, or comedies."

  13. Hanks, Tom (
      Provides sources of information about Tom Hanks. 7-05

  14. Time: Great Performances in Movies (Time Magazine)
      Provides a list of top ten movie performances, including Marlon Brando, Cary Grant, Judy Holliday, James Cagney, Faye Dunaway, Barbara Stanwyck, Jean Renoir, Raj Kapoor, Bill Murray, Brigitte Lin (Ling Ching-hsia). 11-05

  15. Time: Great Movies by Date (Time Magazine)
      Provides a list of top 100 movies by date, actor, or title. 11-05

  16. Editorial: Why Hollywood Is Not Making Movies for Adults (
      "To make it work, the studios look for a group of people that both regularly tune into TV programs on which the studios can afford to buy commercials and who can be motivated by a 30-second ad to leave the comfort of their houses to go to the multiplexes. And for better or worse, that means teenagers." 11-05

  17. Movies About Something (ABC News)
      " 'It's not easy to do movies that are about something,' said Hollywood producer Jeff Skoll. 'There's an old phrase in Hollywood, "If you want to send a message, call Western Union." " 12-05

  18. Blu-Ray Movies (
      "Compared to standard definition (SD), which is the resolution used in today's TVs and DVDs, high definition (HD) offers five times the amount of detail. A standard TV uses either NTSC which is 480i (640480) or PAL/SECAM which is 576i (768576). The 'i' stands for interlaced, which means that only half of the lines are updated for each frame alternating between the odd and even lines. Blu-ray movies will be in 1080p (19201080), which is the highest of the HD resolutions. The 'p' stands for progressive, which means that every line and pixel will be updated for each frame." 06-06

  19. 3-D Movies Are Ready to Show (
      "Digital 3-D, which has slowly been gaining steam over the past few years, is finally ready for its closeup. Just about every top director and major studio is doing it--a dozen movies are slated to arrive this year, with dozens more in the works for 2010 and beyond. These are not just animations but live-action films, comedies, dramas and documentaries." 03-09

  20. Best Sci-Fi Movies and TV Since 1982 (
      Provides EW's picks. 12-09

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