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  1. Mammals (Enchanted Learning)
      Provides descriptions, drawings, and a search engine that checks spelling. 8-99

  2. Mammals - Evolution (EnchantedLearning)
      Provides a description of the evolution of mammals and includes links to key changes. 3-00  

  3. Mammals

  4. Mammals (
      Provides mammals by name. 01-08  

  5. Mammals (
      Provides facts and pictures of mammals.

  6. Ocean Creatures (Museum of Natural History of Los Angeles County)
      Provides pictures and articles. 10-09

  7. African Wildlife Foundation
      Provides descriptions and pictures of African animals. 1-01

  8. Animals of British Columbia

  9. Fish and Ocean Creatures

  10. Cloning in Biotechnology

  11. Eukaryota (UCMP)
      This kingdom includes the organisms we are most familiar with, including plants and animals. For instance, humans are mammalia (mammals) of the vertebrata (vertebrates), which are, in turn, metazoa (animals) of the eukaryota kingdom. What are the other kingdoms?

  12. Mammal Groups (UCMP)
      Includes animals of the eutherian group, but leaving out the mammals that are marsupials and monotremes. 3-00  

  13. Dinosaur Heart Found (
      Provides evidence that dinosaurs were warm blooded, like birds and mammals.

  14. Animals A B C

  15. Animals D E F

  16. Animals G H I

  17. Animals M N O

  18. Animals P Q R

  19. Animals S T U

  20. Animals V W X Y Z

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