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  1. German Libraries Online (Neteler)
      Provides information in German. 10-09

  2. Presidential Libraries
      Provides information on the presidents of the United States. leaders, rulers, Presidents, and Prime Ministers. 10-09

  3. -04-02-09 New Stresses on Libraries (New York Times)
      "These days, however, community need reaches far beyond reference help — and in many libraries, it is turning a normally tranquil place into an emotional and stressful hotbed." 04-09

  4. Digital Libraries (National Digital Library Federation)
      Provides lists of government, college and university, and commercial digital libraries. 10-00

  5. -Public Libraries Online - USA (Berkeley) star
      Provides libraries by region and state. 2-05

  6. -State Libraries - USA (Library of Congress) star
      Provides libraries by name. 2-01

  7. -Academic Libraries - USA (Berkeley) star
      Provides libraries by state. 2-01

  8. Libraries and Encyclopedias Search (Internet Oracle)
      Provides over two dozen search engines from libraries and encyclopedias. 04-07

  9. Online Libraries (Online University Lowdown)
      Provides links to the 100 top online libraries, according to the authors. 04-09

  10. Libraries Reinventing Themselves (
      "Many branches of these public institutions are dying from lack of funding—and reinventing themselves in surprising new ways." 06-12

  11. Libraries, Public

  12. Supreme Court Upholds Filtering Requirement for Libraries - Again (CNN)
      "In a legal balancing act, the Supreme Court has decided Congress is allowed to protect children from pornography on public library computers, a move the majority said does not infringe on the free speech rights of others." 8-03

  13. Advanced Search Tips (Smith)
      Provides assistance with advanced searches using seven different Web libraries or "search engines."

  14. Web Site Development Resources (Mindspring)
      Provides a few page design links, color libraries and graphics links.

  15. German Literature Online (ALA and University of Virginia - Campbell)
      Provides texts in German by author. Part of the Western European Specialists Section (WESS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries. 2-00

  16. -Awesome Library Browser for Children (
      Awesome Library Browser for Children (ALBC) provides homes, libraries, and schools with a minimalist but effective method of keeping K-6 children from being exposed to hard core adult sites--without the use of censorship lists.

      Instead of using lists, Awesome Library Browser for Children looks for a designation that virtually all hard core adult Web sites put on their Web pages so they can be found by search engines. It happens to be a designation that other sites do not use. ALBC also offers "green space" to ensure that children can find what they need easily.

  17. Caving Organizations (
      "While caving is usually done in small groups, there are many benefits to belonging to an organized caving group. Most caving organizations provide resources such as newsletters and libraries, activities such as regular meetings and regional caving events, and opportunities to join other cavers on trips and projects. These organizations are usually the best place to meet experienced cavers who can provide information on cave locations and training in basic and advanced caving techniques." 6-05

  18. Gates - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (
      Provides grants to schools, school systems and libraries. The Gates Foundation is ranked as the top giver in the USA. 7-02

  19. Bedbugs Return (
      "All over the world, national and local governments are mobilizing strategies to control infestations of the resilient insects, which can hide in almost any crack or crevice--not just in houses and hotels but also in offices, churches, libraries and restaurants--and can go a year or more without eating. On Aug. 10, the EPA issued a consumer alert about off-label bedbug treatments, warning in particular of the dangers of using outdoor pesticides in homes." 09-10

  20. Largest Survey of Ocean Life Is Completed (Wall Street Journal)
      "The census is part of a wider push by scientists to create free, online digital libraries of biological data about life on earth. The marine data, for example, will feed into the Encyclopedia of Life project, an effort to document all 1.8 million named species on earth. There's also an International Barcode of Life project assembling DNA barcodes for all multi-cellular organisms."

      "Scientists intend to use such digital libraries to study biodiversity on a planet-wide level, just as different types of meteorological data are pooled and used to predict weather. Spurring the efforts is a new field known as biodiversity informatics, which uses sophisticated computer techniques to sift and analyze data in novel ways."

      "Since it began, data from the marine census has yielded some 2,700 scientific papers. One significant study published July, in the journal Nature, found a strong link between rising sea temperatures and the decline of marine algae, the basis of the oceans' food chain. Another census-based study in Nature found that warmer seas can hurt marine diversity, potentially rearranging the global distribution of ocean life." 10-10

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