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  1. Introduction to HTML
      With this tutorial, you can pick up the basics of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) in a few short hours. Armed with that knowledge and access to a Web server, you can jump onto the bandwagon and put yourself on the Web."

  2. HTML Guide (
      Provides tutorials on creating image maps, and other basic HTML coding. 2-00

  3. HTML Table of Special Characters (Shemitz)
      Provides the number or name necessary to create special characters.

  4. HTML Tutorial (Shemitz)
      Provides systematic instruction on how to write in HTML for Netscape 2.0.

  5. HTML Editor - Homesite (Allaire)
      Provides HTML editing for the Web professional. 8-99

  6. Frames - Inline Frames (HTML Goodies - Burns)
      Provides code for inline frames, basically a page within a page, for Internet Explorer only. 8-99

  7. Frames - Tutorial (HTML Goodies - Burns)
      Provides instructions on setting up frames in a Web page. Includes how to prevent others from framing your site inside of theirs or taking your pages out of your frames. 8-99

  8. -HTML Validation (
      Validates your HTML code. 5-02

  9. -HTML Validation (Web Design Group)
      Validates your HTML code. 5-02

  10. -HTML Validation (Wanadoo - Blavier)
      Explains TidyGUI, which validates your HTML code. 5-02

  11. -HTML Validation (TidyGUI - Blavier)
      Provides a free copy of TidyGUI, which validates your HTML code. 5-02

  12. Validator for HTML Code (
      Provides validation (identifies errors) in HTML code of an URL you specify. 8-02

  13. HTML Editors (
      Provides reviews. 11-06

  14. Colors - HTML Colors Code (
      Provides the browser safe palette (BSP) for users.

  15. -Clip Art - How To (Brumbaugh) <
      Provides guidance on downloading, using HTML, and other very basic information in using images. 2-05

  16. Analysis of Web Page (Bobby - Krieger)
      Provides an analysis of a Web Page submitted to find errors or presentation not friendly to individuals with disabilities.

  17. Web Site Design Checker (SiteInspector)
      Provides an evaluation of your Web site, a including loading time check, a dead link check, a site popularity check, and a spelling check.

  18. Web Tools (
      Provides free Web code for HTML, DHTML, Java, and more. 5-00  

  19. Fonts - How to Include Accent Marks (
      Provides instructions for adding accent marks using HTML code. 03-06

  20. Multilingual Text-to-Speech Engines (Microsoft)
      Provides free programs that convert online text to speech in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, and British English. The free voice engines vary in their quality. Some are not very good. For instance, the Korean voice does not seem to recognize the Korean fonts. The Spanish voice, however, reads text written in Spanish in an understandable way. Requires software to connect the voice programs with a browser. Such a program is available for free here. 9-02

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