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  1. Geography Game on Locations (Education Place)
      Provides a game for children to help them learn about locations within the USA. 10-09

  2. Geography Clip Art (Miningco - Rosenberg) 2-01

  3. Geography

  4. Geography (Education World - Hopkins)
      Provides twenty-five activities for teaching geography.

  5. Records in Geography (
      Provides a listing of the biggest, smallest, and other records for lakes, mountains, and similar geographic milestones. 7-01

  6. Geography Lessons

  7. -Geography of Hate Speech (
      "In any case, the map does seem to show that hate speech is sadly alive and well on social networks in the U.S." 05-13

  8. Identifying Countries and Other Information (
      Provides quizzes to identify countries, states, and other geography through simple maps.

  9. Geography (Donn)
      Provides over two dozen sets of lessons.

  10. Russian History and Geography (Emulate Me)
      Provides a history, as well as demographic information on Russia. 11-99

  11. Geography Lesson Plans (Teachers.Net)
      Provides almost 2 dozen individual lessons. Specifies a general grade level for each, such as elementary. The quality of lessons varies widely and some only announce the availability of lessons on a topic. 5-00

  12. Geography Lessons by National Geography Standard (National Geographic Society)
      Provides lessons by standard and then grade level. 11-01

  13. Atlas and Geography (Information Please)
      Provides information for K-12 students from an atlas. Select the geographic area from the map and then see the descriptions of government, people, and more.

  14. Geography

  15. Countries in Geography

  16. Earth Sciences

  17. Capitals and Other Information on Each State (Weber Publications)
      Includes a great deal of basic information on each state such as geography, legislature, flag, motto, bird, flower, motto, nickname, and so forth. Also has a link to the capital of each state. 10-00

  18. Map of the USA (
      Provides a map for coloring. 9-01

  19. Maps (Awesome Library)

  20. Flags (National Geographic Society)
      Provides lessons on flags and belonging, by general grade level. 11-01

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