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  1. Pedaling Around the World (GOALS)
      Provides the story of two men trying to pedal around the world, using pedal powered boats and bicycles. 5-00

  2. What Happened in Kerry's Vietnam Battles? (ABC News)
      "In the controversy over Sen. John Kerry's service in Vietnam, Americans have heard from Kerry, from the crew of the Navy Swift boats he commanded and from other Swift boat veterans who question the official account of a 1969 incident for which Kerry was awarded a Silver Star. But there is one group they have not heard from: the Vietnamese who were there that day."

      " 'Nightline' traveled to Vietnam and found a number of witnesses who have never been heard from before, and who have no particular ax to grind for or against Kerry. Only one of them, in fact, even knew who Kerry is. The witnesses, all Vietnamese, are still living in the same villages where the fighting took place more than 35 years ago. A 'Nightline' producer visited them and recorded their accounts of that day. The accounts were subsequently translated by a team of ABC News translators."

      "His [Kerry's] awards should have been the most unassailable part of Kerry's record. But then came those campaign ads from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth." The investigation by ABC news clearly indicated that the authors of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth told false stories about what happened in Kerry's Vietnam battles. In fact, they were not even present during Kerry's battles.

      Eyewitnesses commended Kerry displayed "extraordinary daring and personal courage for attacking a numerically superior force in the face of intense fire." 10-04

  3. -01-30-06 Investigation: FEMA Ignored Available Resources and Then Left Early (USA Today)
      "At one point, Scarlett's letter said, FEMA asked U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to help with search and rescue in New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish and St. Tammany Parish but that the rescuers 'never received task assignments.' The agency, a branch of the Interior Department, apparently went ahead anyway, according to the letter, which said that Fish and Wildlife helped rescue 4,500 people in the first week after Katrina."

      "Other Interior Department resources that were offered, but unused, included flat-bottom boats for shallow-water rescues. 'Clearly these assets and skills were precisely relevant in the post-Katrina environment,' Scarlett wrote." 01-06

  4. Editorial: Obama's Response About His Pastor (US News)
      "And that is the existential challenge of 2008: whether we will have a big election or a small one. Will we have a serious conversation about the enormous problems confronting the country—the wars, the economic crisis, the looming environmental cataclysm—or will we allow the same-old carnival of swift boats and sound bites? The answer depends on the candidates, of course, and on the media—where cynicism too often passes for insight. But most of all, it depends on you." 03-08

  5. -05-07-08 Diplomat: 100,000 May Have Died in Myunmar (CBS News)
      "Bodies floated in flood waters and survivors tried to reach dry ground on boats using blankets as sails, while the top U.S. diplomat in Myanmar said Wednesday that up to 100,000 people may have died in the devastating cyclone." 05-08

  6. -01-08-09 Editorial: Bush Declared War Against a Tactic (CNN News)
      "Bush took the nation to war against a tactic, rather than a war against a specific enemy, which was obviously al Qaeda and anyone allied to it. When the United States went to war against the Nazis and the Japanese during World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt and his congressional supporters did not declare war against U-boats and kamikaze pilots, but on the Nazi state and Imperial Japan."

      "The war on terror, sometimes known as the 'Global War on Terror' or by the clunky acronym GWOT, became the lens through which the Bush administration judged almost all of its foreign policy decisions. That proved to be dangerously counterproductive on several levels."

      "Obama should also make it clear that instead of the Bush formulation of 'Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists,' the Obama administration doctrine will be, 'Anyone who is against the terrorists is with us.' "

      "After all it is only al Qaeda and its several affiliates in countries like Iraq, Lebanon and Algeria and allied groups such as the Taliban that kill U.S. soldiers and civilians and attack American interests around the globe."

      "Everyone else in the world is a potential or actual ally in the fight against al Qaeda and its affiliates, because those organizations threaten almost every category of institution, government and ethnic grouping." 01-09

  7. -06-11-10 Editorial: Where Are the Cleanup Crews? (
      "When I looked for the first time at Grand Bess I was shocked. The outer booms had come apart in two different places and in another area, the boom was sinking. The inner soaker boom was totally saturated in oil and needed to be changed. The saturated booms were on the rocks where pelicans were sitting, floating haphazardly or sinking, twisted around, and laying over the outer boom. I looked around me and thought again… Where are the people BP has hired to oversee and maintain this boom? Where are the people they hired because, as far as I could see in every direction, there were at most five boats in the entire bay."

      "There doesn’t seem to be a strong chain of command overseeing the clean up. BP is reactive instead of proactive. They appear overwhelmed and unable to handle the tasks of the day to day clean-up. Someone should have reported the boom and it should have been changed and properly placed around the island."

      Editor's Note: This article is posted on CNN but has not been edited to remove spelling errors, punctuation errors, or other errors. 06-10

  8. What Happens to the Toxic Waste from the Oil Spill? (MSNBC News)
      "But where the oil is concentrated in slicks on the surface, some of it can be burned off. The Deepwater Horizon response website said that as of Saturday, more than 95,000 barrels had been disposed of that way."

      "After that it gets more complicated. More than 400 skimmer boats are collecting oily water from the surface of the Gulf — about 474,000 barrels as of Saturday. That mixture, as well as the runoff from rinsing down oily equipment or washing oiled birds, is supposed to be collected and transported to facilities like the River Birch Landfill near Avondale, La." 06-10

  9. Editorial: Oil Spill Not Just an Accident (CNN News)
      "The federal government should nationalize major spills, avail itself of the best pooled talent in the oil industry, and send the offending company the people's bill. Once it's on our property, the offending oil company should not touch anything unless specifically directed to do so. As it is now, things are so insanely backward that at the end of June the Coast Guard made it a felony for boats to get within 70 feet of boom. We need to stop putting the murderer in charge of the crime scene."

      "Larger lessons lurk. The mortgage bubble, banking collapse, taxpayer-funded bailouts and this blowout all stem from a three-decade assault on government effectiveness, the consequent deregulation Mardi Gras, and the unleashing of corporate greed and corporate 'personhood.' Corporate capture of government away from the public's interests is the basic poison. Campaign finance reform and publicly funded elections would be the antidote." 07-10

  10. LaLanne, Jack (CNN News)
      "American fitness guru Jack LaLanne died Sunday afternoon at his home in Morro Bay, California, according to his long-time agent, Rick Hersh. He was 96."

      "From the 1950s through the 1980s, LaLanne performed multiple feats of strength and endurance. His first such stunt was an underwater swim the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, loaded with 140 pounds of equipment, in 1954. He went on to stage many attention-getting events, including completing over a thousand pushups in a little over 20 minutes, and towing 65 boats filled with thousands of pounds of wood pulp in Japan."

      "LaLanne had his own workout program, "The Jack LaLanne Show." First broadcast nationally in 1959, the show went on to run for three decades." 01-11

  11. -06-19-11 Editorial: Gaza and American Security (
      "Despite opposition — and even warnings — from the U.S. government, a group of Americans will join a small flotilla of boats challenging Israel’s blockade of the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza. Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern explains why he is joining this protest."

      Editor's Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of Ray McGovern and do not necessarily reflect those of the Awesome Library staff. 06-11

  12. -05-10-12 Hong Kong Inventor Works Against Air Pollution (
      "Gambarota’s company, Motorwave Limited, made its first shipment in June of 2007. Since then, the 10-in.-wide, colorful plastic turbines have shipped to 45 countries, with more than 2,000 installations internationally. They have been strewn across European skylines, American silos, Hong Kong facades — they’re even gracing ferry boats on the way to Macau casinos. Part of the reason the tiny turbines have been so popular is thanks to their lightweight, colorful design and affordable price — running at about $1,000 per dozen." 05-12

  13. -04-27-15 Editorial: Opposition to the TPP Trade Agreement (Huffington Post)
      "But even without the negotiated texts, we do know something. The TPP simply can't be the kind of simple, lift-all-boats agreement that the president implies when defending the deal. Trade agreements simply aren't like that anymore -- and they haven't been for almost two decades. They concern who wins and who loses, at home and abroad, when national regulatory regimes are put under pressure by economic globalization."

      "The members of Congress now balking at fast track understand that the TPP will be about much more than trade. The president shouldn't insult them for pointing it out." 04-15

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