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  1. World War II (Yahoo)

  2. World War II Decisions (USA Center of Military History)

  3. World War II Stories (Mabry)

  4. Jewish Rescues - Stories of Rescues During World War II (Land-Weber)
      Provides stories of six heroes.

  5. World War II Timeline in Europe (History Place)
      Provides a comprehensive history of World War II, by date.

  6. Warsaw Ghetto Revolt (Wiesenthal Center)
      Describes the revolt by Jews in Warsaw during World War II. 11-01

  7. African Americans in World War II (History Place)
      Provides pictures of African Americans who served with distinction during World War II.

  8. World War II

  9. World War II and the Holocaust

  10. American Presidents at War (
      "America is attacked. The president addresses Congress in stirring terms. Senators and representatives, with a few eccentric exceptions, vote for a declaration of war, and the overwhelming majority of the people support the war effort without stint. The president appoints sterling generals and admirals and superintends massive war production. American troops surge to victory, and peace is made."

      "This is the picture we have of the way America, and American presidents, go to war. It comports with what we think happened in World War I and, especially, in World War II. In this view of U.S. history, American presidents lead the nation only into wars that are forced upon them."

      "There's only one problem. This picture is almost entirely contrary to the facts. 1-06

  11. 12-23-06 Bush to Preserve WW II Internment Camps (CBS News)
      "President Bush signed into law a $38 million grant program to preserve notorious internment camps where Japanese-Americans were kept behind barbed wire during World War II." 12-06

  12. -02-05-08 Pentagon Asks for Biggest Budget Hike Since World War II (Christian Science Monitor)
      "President Bush (c.), held a laptop showing the electronic version of the fiscal 2009 Federal Budget during a meeting at the White House in Washington. The new budget has provoked controversy because of its proposals for higher military spending, deep cuts in social and infrastructure projects, and a prediction that the 2008 federal deficit would hit $410 billion at the end of this fiscal year - more than double the size of the 2007 deficit." 02-08

  13. -01-08-09 Editorial: Bush Declared War Against a Tactic (CNN News)
      "Bush took the nation to war against a tactic, rather than a war against a specific enemy, which was obviously al Qaeda and anyone allied to it. When the United States went to war against the Nazis and the Japanese during World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt and his congressional supporters did not declare war against U-boats and kamikaze pilots, but on the Nazi state and Imperial Japan."

      "The war on terror, sometimes known as the 'Global War on Terror' or by the clunky acronym GWOT, became the lens through which the Bush administration judged almost all of its foreign policy decisions. That proved to be dangerously counterproductive on several levels."

      "Obama should also make it clear that instead of the Bush formulation of 'Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists,' the Obama administration doctrine will be, 'Anyone who is against the terrorists is with us.' "

      "After all it is only al Qaeda and its several affiliates in countries like Iraq, Lebanon and Algeria and allied groups such as the Taliban that kill U.S. soldiers and civilians and attack American interests around the globe."

      "Everyone else in the world is a potential or actual ally in the fight against al Qaeda and its affiliates, because those organizations threaten almost every category of institution, government and ethnic grouping." 01-09

  14. -04-25-09 Military Agency Warned Against Use of Torture (MSNBC News)
      "The military agency that provided advice on harsh interrogation techniques for use against terrorism suspects referred to the application of extreme duress as 'torture' in a July 2002 document sent to the Pentagon's chief lawyer and warned that it would produce 'unreliable information.' "

      "There was no consideration within the National Security Council that the planned techniques stemmed from Chinese communist practices and had been deemed torture when employed against American personnel, the former administration official said. The U.S. military prosecuted its own troops for using waterboarding in the Philippines and tried Japanese officers on war crimes charges for its use against Americans and other allied nationals during World War II." 04-09

  15. -02-21-15 Food Challenge at Worst Since World War II (Huffington Post)
      "The World Food Program is confronting its worst challenge since World War II in trying to tackle five top-level humanitarian crises at the same time, the head of the U.N. agency said Friday. 02-15

  16. Dwight D Eisenhower Library
      Provides biographical infomation on Dwight D. Eisenhower, former President of the United States. 10-09

  17. Frank, Anne (
      Provides pictures and information about her life and times. 10-09

  18. Women's Army Corp (Bellafaire)

  19. Women Journalists, Photographers, and Broadcasters in the Army (Library of Congress)

  20. Stalin, Joseph (Cambridge University Press - Bowen)
      Provides an unsympathetic description of Stalin's life.

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