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  1. Recycling - Publications List (
      "The GRN NewsStand includes over five hundred publications worldwide that deal with the recycling or environmental sectors. From magazines and newsletters to directories and special editions, these publications have the Recycling Industry covered! Search the NewsStand to build your customized list of publications." 10-09

  2. Recycling Activities Using Art (Imagination Factory - Brackney)
      Provides examples of activities that promote awareness of the need to recycle, as well as artistic opportunities provided by the need to recycle.

  3. Benefits of Recycling (
      Provides clear examples of the benefits of various kinds of recycling, such as how many trees are saved. 3-01

  4. Federal Laws on Waste Disposal, Conservation, and Recycling (National Council for Science and the Environment - McCarthy and Tiemann)
      Summarizes the primary federal laws relating to waste disposal, conservation, and recycling. 6-01

  5. Locations of Recycling Centers (
      Provides locations of recycling centers by zip code. 6-01

  6. Batteries - Recycling Centers for Rechargeable Batteries (Rechargeable Batteries Recycling Corporation)
      Provides locations in the USA and Canada for recycling rechargeable batteries that weigh up to two pounds. Some national companies that also recycle batteries include Sears, Radio Shack, Circuit City, Walmart, Target, and BellSouth. 7-01

  7. Recycling

  8. Recycling (
      Provides a list of 100 carefully selected sites. 12-01

  9. Recycling Resources (Annenberg-CPB -
      Provides a carefully selected list of resources on recycling. 12-01

  10. Recycling, Climate Change, and Pollution (Environmental Defense)
      Provides articles by topic or by search engine. 7-02

  11. Bottle Recycling Bills (Container Recycling Institute)
      Provides information on bottle bills that have passed and includes statistics on success. Also includes a history of bottle bill legislation. 1-02

  12. Waste - Recycling Organizations and Campaigns Globally (GrassRoots Recycling Network)
      Provides resources on "zero waste" by region and country. 1-02

  13. Waste - Zero Waste Resources (GrassRoots Recycling Network)
      Provides articles on the zero waste approach to recycling. 1-02

  14. Awards for Business Recycling Efforts (
      Provides the Business Recycling Awards Group. "The Business Recycling Awards Group is a program to recognize businesses in NW Oregon and SW Washington that are doing an outstanding job of reducing waste, recycling and buying recycled products."

  15. 01-15-07 Recycling Queen China's Richest Person (
      "U.S. trash has made Zhang Yin China's richest person."

      "Zhang in 1990 started collecting wastepaper in Los Angeles and shipping it to China to make the cardboard needed by growing export industries. Her company, Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Ltd., is now China's biggest packaging maker. Nine Dragon's stock has risen fourfold since its March initial public offering, pushing Zhang's fortune to $4.7 billion." 01-07

  16. Recycling Flourescent Bulbs (
      Provides locations. 07-07

  17. Recycling Fluorescent Bulbs and Balasts (
      "Our RECYCLEPAK program is the perfect solution for small quantities of lighting and electronics wastes, such as fluorescent lamps, ballast, batteries, computer electronics and mercury containing items." 03-08

  18. Recycling Locations ( star
      "Through responsible use, reuse and recycling of electronics, the consumer electronics industry and consumers can protect and preserve the environment—together." 04-08

  19. -09-06-08 Recycling Plastic Bottles (Science Daily)
      "Chemical Engineers developed a way to break down plastic bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate -- or PET, and recycle it back into high value uses like more soda bottles, water bottles, beer bottles." 09-08

  20. Recycling Solar Cells (
      "A few solar companies are already offering their own recycling schemes. First Solar, based in Tempe, Arizona, offers to take back and recycle all the cadmium telluride thin-film solar cells it produces. And the industry-backed European association PV Cycle, based in Brussels in Belgium, is implementing a voluntary take-back and recycle programme that it hopes to have running by 2015." 10-10

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