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  1. 01-11-07 The Psychology of a Surge (Time Magazine)
      "There's a gravitational suck to sunk-cost behavior, one that makes it almost impossible to resist throwing fresh capital into the hole in the hope that lost capital will somehow come back out. Couples in a bad marriage who might be better advised to cut their losses will instead multiply them, buying a new house or having a new baby in the hope that that will bring them together again. Producers of a sinking movie will roll out a new ad campaign in the hope that that will get people to the box office. And, similarly, tacticians behind a floundering war will send living soldiers in to replace lost ones, even though stone cold reason tells them that troops killed on the battlefield today will not make the ones killed yesterday any less dead. 'Rationally, you know you should deal with the situation as it is at the moment,' says Stone, 'but that's hard to do when your sunk cost is lost life.' " 01-07

  2. School Psychology Resources
      "Research learning disabilities, ADHD, functional behavioral assessment, autism, adolescence, parenting, psychological assessment, special education, mental retardation, mental health, and more." 10-09

  3. Psychology

  4. Assessment - DSM-IV Axis II Diagnosis - Personality Disorders (
      Provides descriptions of personality disorders, including Paranoid, Antisocial, Avoidant, Borderline, Dependent, Histrionic, Narcissistic, Obsessive-Compulsive, Schizoid, and Schizotypal. 3-02

  5. Monitor on Psychology (American Psychological Association) 1-01

  6. Impulse Control Disorders (
      "Many psychological problems are characterized by a loss of control or a lack of control in specific situations. Usually, this lack of control is part of a pattern of behavior that also involves other maladaptive thoughts and actions, such as substance abuse problems or sexual disorders like the paraphilias (e.g. pedophilia and exhibitionism). When loss of control is only a component of a disorder, it usually does not have to be a part of the behavior pattern, and other symptoms must also be present for the diagnosis to be made."

      "But, there are several psychological disorders that are defined primarily by loss of control. These impulse control problems will be described here briefly:"

      * Intermittent Explosive Disorder
      * Domestic Violence
      * Kleptomania
      * Pyromania
      * Pathological Gambling
      * Trichotillomania 6-05

  7. -10 Signs You Are in Relationship With a Narcissist (Psychology Today)
      "Being in a relationship with a narcissist is very emotionally draining and can impact your mental health. You find that you feel guilty for things that aren't really your fault. You find that what your partner told you last week is now denied by them this week."br>
      "Keep in mind that these 10 signs of a narcissist don't happen right away - they can come on slowly." 01-16

  8. -10 Signs -- 8 More Signs You Are in Relationship With a Narcissist (Psychology Today)
      Provides 8 more signs that you are in a narcissistic relationship. 01-16

  9. -10 Signs -- Now What, If You Are in Relationship With a Narcissist (Psychology Today)
      Provides suggestions in dealing with a narcissistic relationship. 01-16

  10. -I Love a Narcissist -- Now What? (Psychology Today)
      "Bottom line: Unless your partner has the openness, time, and money to go to psychotherapy two or three times per week for several years, the narcissistic personality of your partner simply isn’t going to change." 01-16

  11. -Wounds of Daughters of Unloving Mothers (Psychology Today)
      "In the years since I researched and wrote Mean Mothers, I’ve talked to women about our shared experiences. Every woman’s story is different, of course; perhaps the greatest commonality is the discovery that each of us is not alone, that we are not the only girls or women on the planet to have had mothers who can’t or won’t love them. The taboos about “dissing” our mothers and the myths of motherhood which portray all mothers as loving isolate unloved daughters, and that discovery lifts part of the hurt and the burden but not at all of it." 01-16

  12. 07-01-03 Mid-East Peace: False Dawn or New Day? (BBC News)
      A new peace process has begun in the Palestinian territory and a cease fire has been called. "A lot depends on the psychology of this moment and whether the two sides have reached a state of fatigue and stalemate."

      "If that is so, then there is some hope. Progress could be made along the path the roadmap lays out - Palestinian elections and institution building, Israeli restraint, a peace conference, a Palestinian state with provisional borders and then a move towards those final issues - final borders, settlements, Jerusalem, refugees, acceptance of Israel in the Arab world." 6-03

  13. Scriven, Michael (
      "His 300+ publications are mainly in the fields of his appointments [mathematics, philosophy, psychology, history and philosophy of science, and education] and in the areas of critical thinking, technology studies, computer studies, and evaluation. He is or has been on the editorial boards of 42 journals in these fields and some others such as psychiatry, and has edited several of them, including University MicroNews. He is an ex-President of the American Educational Research Association and was the first president of one of the two associations that merged to become the American Evaluation Association." 11-06

  14. -11-03-07 Nonpartisan Study Challenges Bush's Counterterrorism Strategy (US News)
      "As it turns out, just a glance at pictures of two rival candidates is enough for the brain to make a pretty reliable prediction of which one will win. On average, a snapshot judgment is right about 70 percent of the time, clearly better than a coin toss. Maybe not as good as the professional political pundits, but not too shabby."

      "All of this may sound ugly for the future of political discourse, if two thirds of officials are getting elected based on split-second superficialities. But the correlation in this study raises more questions than it answers about the baffling process of candidate selection. As any self-respecting psychology major can testify, the correlation between two sets of results doesn't mean one is directly responsible for the other." 11-07

  15. Our Happiness "Set Point" (U.S. News)
      "Is lasting happiness attainable or a pipe dream? For the past 18 years, University of California-Riverside professor of psychology Sonja Lyubomirsky has studied this question, and what she reports might even sway pessimists. In an interview with U.S. News, she says that it's quite possible to stretch the limits of our pre-programmed temperaments. And in a new book in stores this month, The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life you Want, she demonstrates how to do it--without medication. " 01-08

  16. Ten Ways to Pep Up (CNN News)
      "Fatigue and flagging energy seem to be epidemics, especially among women who burn the candle at both ends (and who doesn't?). Instead of moping, pump up your mojo with these 10 strategies from experts in sleep, fitness, nutrition, psychology, and alternative medicine." 03-08

  17. A Transsexual Vs. the Government: What Is Gender? (
      "At the trial last month, Schroer's expert witness, a University of Minnesota psychologist named Walter Bockting — the incoming president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health — testified that sex is a multifaceted notion comprised of several elements, one of which is one's mental gender identity. Part of his evidence was that thousands of babies are born each year with uncertain sex. They have XY chromosomes but no visible male sex organs. Or they have XX chromosomes but do not appear, outwardly, to be normal girls. Or they have even more complicated chromosomal constructions — XXY, for instance — which render their sex entirely indeterminate."

      "These individuals, who are called intersexed, are usually assigned a gender by the obstetricians who deliver them. As intersexed children grow up, they and their parents must decide whether they agree with the sex assigned to them at birth."

      "It seems likely that sex is some combination of chromosomes, psychology and environment." 09-08

  18. -Psychologists and Physicians Involved in Torture (MSNBC News)
      " 'The health professionals involved in the CIA program broke the law and shame the bedrock ethical traditions of medicine and psychology,' said Frank Donaghue, chief executive of Physicians for Human Rights, an international advocacy group made up of physicians opposed to torture. 'All psychologists and physicians found to be involved in the torture of detainees must lose their license and never be allowed to practice again.' " 04-09

  19. Study: "Self-Enhancers" Seem More Resilient (U.S. News)
      " 'Self-enhancers are somewhat grandiose,' says Dr. George Bonanno, associate professor of clinical psychology and the lead researcher in the study. 'They are preoccupied with themselves, they score high on measures of narcissism, and the research shows pretty clearly that they are annoying to be around.' "

      "Even though the participants were randomly selected, in any group of people about 20 percent are likely to be self-enhancers. In this study, those who showed self-enhancement traits reported fewer post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and were simply happier and more well adjusted over time than most others." 04-09

  20. Dalai Lama Debates at Harvard (
      "The Dalai Lama is a lot more playful than your average Harvard professor, which is one reason his appearance at a Harvard psychology conference on Friday was so entertaining." 05-09

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