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  1. 08-04-03 Mars Rover Expedition (CNN)
      "A NASA robot packed with eight cameras, geology instruments and super-rugged wheels roared into space on Tuesday, one of three missions headed to Mars this summer during the most favorable cosmic conditions in centuries."

      "Their geologic studies, scheduled to last three months, are designed to find physical evidence of water activity on Mars from billions of years ago, when the planet was thought to have been wetter and warmer -- and possibly inhabited by microbes."

      "Like surfers who have been waiting for the big wave, the spacecraft are riding to the red planet as Mars and Earth make their nearest pass to each other since prehistoric times."

      "A closer approach won't take place until 2287, according to Sky & Telescope Magazine." 8-03

  2. Ancient Greek Water Works Found (MSNBC News)
      "Archaeologists excavating a sprawling prehistoric fortress in southern Greece have discovered a secret underground passage thought to have supplied the site with water in times of danger." 1-07

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