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  1. Map of Areas of Israeli and Palestinian Control (CNN)
      Provides a map that shows where Palestinians have control and where Israelis have control. Includes Ramallah. 10-00

  2. United Nations Documents on the Conflict Between Israel and the Palestinians (UNISPAL - UN Information System on the Question of Palestine)
      Provides all key documents that have been made available to the United Nations regarding Palestinians and their relationship to the Israelis. Starts before 1945 and provides almost daily updates. Documents are typically written by official observers for each side of the question and attempt to present facts, what has recently happened, before asking for the UN to respond.

  3. Essay - Israel Has Also Crossed a Line (Guardian Unlimited)
      Argues that, although Israel has a right to defend itself against terrorists, the way it is treating the Palestinian people (while chasing terrorists) is not justified. "In fighting terrorists in this way, Israel has crossed a line no democratic government should cross." 4-02

  4. History of the Middle East Regarding Israel (Guardian Unlimited - Brown)
      Provides a timeline, starting in 1881, describing the events leading up to the formation of Israel. Also describes the conflicts between Israelis and other Middle East countries. 4-02

  5. Israel

  6. -Middle East Conflict - Israeli View (Jerusaleum Post)
      Provides news from an Israeli perspective.

  7. Israeli Camp David II Proposals for Final Settlement (Mideast Web)
      "These were modified in various ways by U.S. bridging poposals. The details of the proposals are still secret at this time. Israel claims that they were far reaching and generous. The Palestinians have been claiming that the proposals would have perpetuated the precise situation of the interim agreements, in which the West Bank is divided into numerous small areas of Palestinian sovereignty interspersed with a much larger area of Israeli sovereignty." 4-02

  8. Essay - Israelis Keep Palestinians from Essential Medical Aid (BBC News - Westcott)
      Reports complaints by humanitarian and medical workers that Israeli soldiers have prevented Palestinians from gaining life-saving medical attention. According to international law (the Geneva Conventions), such actions by soldiers are war crimes. 4-02

  9. Israelis Attack Militants Among Civilians (Independent)
      Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinians towns, leaving 12 dead.

      "Palestinian Cabinet Minister Saeb Erekat denounced the Israeli raid as a massacre. 'Every time we witness efforts to revive the peace process and put it back on track, like those being exerted now by Mr Solana, the Israeli government moves to conduct such war crimes and murder innocent civilians because the end game of the Israeli government is to resume full occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank,' Mr Erekat said."

      "Raanan Gissin, an adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, said Palestinian militants were to blame for the high death toll. 'We try to keep civilian casualties to a minimum, but we can't say that because there are civilians there, we will not take action against the terrorists,' he said." 10-02

  10. Israeli Soldier Kills U.N. Worker (Independent)
      "An investigation by the Israeli army found that when Mr Hook emerged from a caravan into the open courtyard of the UN compound, an Israeli soldier mistook the mobile phone he was carrying for a grenade and opened fire on him, the radio reported."

      "It is not clear why the soldier opened fire into a compound clearly marked with UN signs and a blue flag. 'The compound is well-known to Israelis. It is inexcusable to fire into it for any reason,' a UN source said yesterday.' " "The Israeli army was already coming under heavy international criticism over Mr Hook's death after the UN revealed that Israeli soldiers had blocked an ambulance from getting to the relief worker after he was shot, considerably delaying its arrival." 11-02

  11. 11-24-02 U.N. Rejects Israeli Account of British Official's Killing (Independent - Silver)
      "The United Nations dismissed as 'not credible' yesterday an Israeli army claim that Palestinian gunmen fired from inside a UN compound in the West Bank city of Jenin on Friday before its soldiers shot dead Iain Hook, a 52-year-old British relief worker." 11-02

  12. 02-09-03 Israeli Prime Minister Issues Stark Warning (BBC News)
      "Ariel Sharon says the new Israeli Government that he has been asked to form will end "Palestinian terrorism" and remove its 'leader,' Yasser Arafat." 2-03

  13. 05-25-03 Israeli's Approve Peace Plan (CBS News)
      "Israel's Cabinet narrowly approved a U.S.-backed Middle East peace plan Sunday, accepting, for the first time, a timetable for the creation of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but also objecting to significant portions of the plan."

      "The Palestinians last month accepted the three-phase "road map" to peace, which envisions a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by 2005." 5-03

  14. 06-11-03 Israelis Attempt to Kill Hamas Leader (
      "US President George Bush has condemned the latest Israeli helicopter attacks in Gaza City."

      Israel admitted it launched a failed attempt to kill Hamas leader Abdul Aziz al-Rantissi in Gaza City, though two people were killed and more than 25 others wounded in the attack." 6-03

  15. 06-30-03 Israelis Withdraw from Gaza (Fox News)
      "Road traffic flowed smoothly through the Gaza Strip for the first time in nearly three years Monday, as bulldozers dismantled Israeli checkpoints put up after the current Palestinian uprising began in Sept. 2000." 6-03

  16. U.S. Refuses to Protect Arafat from Israelis (BBC)
      "Arab diplomats have condemned Washington's decision to veto a UN Security Council draft resolution denouncing Israel's policy of 'removing' Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat."

      "The recriminations follow a harsh debate at the UN during which more than 40 governments condemned the Israeli position [to remove Arafat]." 9-03

  17. 10-19-03 Palestinians Now Support Attacks Against Israelis (
      "Seventy-five per cent of Palestinians support the suicide bombing of an Israeli restaurant two weeks ago in which 21 people died, a survey showed yesterday."

      "The survey by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, which questioned 1,318 respondents in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, also showed that 85 per cent of Palestinians support a 'mutual cessation of violence by both sides'." 10-03

  18. 10-21-03 Fence or Wall - U.N. Orders Israel to Stop Construction (CBS News)
      "The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution demanding that Israel halt construction of a barrier jutting deep into the West Bank and dismantle the section already built."

      The vote late Tuesday was 144 in favor, 4 opposed and 12 abstentions."

      "In late September, the UN issued a report which condemned the barrier as illegal and tantamount to 'an unlawful act of annexation.' "

      "The United States, which vetoed a Security Council resolution last week that would have declared the barrier illegal, voted against the General Assembly resolution." 10-03

  19. 10-21-03 Fence or Wall - Israel Rejects U.N. Order (International Herald Tribune)
      "Israel said Wednesday that it would not stop building a security barrier in the West Bank despite a United Nations resolution demanding that the fence be torn down." 10-03

  20. 10-30-03 Israeli Army Chief Criticizes Sharon (Christian Science Monitor - Barr)
      "The chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces has added his voice to those criticizing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's hard-line policies for dealing with the Palestinians."

      "Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon, in remarks published this week that were initially attributed to 'IDF officials' but later revealed as having been spoken by him, said that 'in our tactical decisions, we are operating contrary to our strategic interest.' "

      "Heller, principal research associate at the Jaffee Institute for Strategic Studies in Tel Aviv, says that Yaalon's comment about tactics undermining strategy makes sense if the strategy is to bring about a return to negotiations toward a two-state solution."

      "But, he continues 'if the strategy is to compel the Palestinians to sign on to a political deal which is acceptable to people who control the [Israeli] government now then [current tactics are] not necessarily counterproductive.' " 10-03

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