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  1. Environmental Protection Directories (EELink)
      Provides dozens of sources of information for involving individuals in understanding and helping to restore the environment.

  2. Biographical Directories

  3. Medical Directories and Search Engines

  4. Search the Web (Directories and Search Engines)

  5. Recycling - Publications List (
      "The GRN NewsStand includes over five hundred publications worldwide that deal with the recycling or environmental sectors. From magazines and newsletters to directories and special editions, these publications have the Recycling Industry covered! Search the NewsStand to build your customized list of publications." 10-09

  6. Biographies (Corbett)
      Provides over a dozen sources of biographical information by subject. 6-02

  7. Seventh-Day Adventist Resources (SDAnet)
      Provides directories of churches, instructional resources, and more. Sometimes visitors misspell as Seventh Day. 10-00

  8. Biographies (Smithsonian)
      Provides dozens of biographies, by field. 1-01

  9. Famous People - Biographies (
      Provides an alphabetic listing of famous people, including some who are still living. 7-01

  10. FTP - FTPPro (
      Provides software to download or upload files using FTP. Allows moving entire directories at a time.

  11. Biographies (Information Please)
      Provides biographies of People in the News, Recent Deaths, World Rulers, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Business Leaders, Roman Rulers, American Indians, African Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Hispanic Americans, Notable Women, Athletes, Artists, Architects, Explorers, Scientists, Poets, Writers, Filmmakers, and Entertainers.

  12. World (Search the World Wide Yellow Pages)
      Provides a "yellow book." 09-09

  13. Yahoo Directory
      Provides one of the most popular directories. 10-09

  14. USA (Big Book)
      Provides phone numbers. 10-09

  15. Business Search (Switchboard)
      Provides addresses and phone numbers. 10-09

  16. USA (
      Provides the phone numbers. 10-09

  17. USA (
      Provides the phone numbers. 10-09

  18. Diseases and Conditions (Internet Public Library )
      Provides sources of information by general topics. 12-04

  19. Diseases and Conditions (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
      Provides nearly 100 factsheets from AACAP on common health and mental health problems of children and teens. Fast loading. For parents.

  20. Home Remedies for Common Ailments (Weil)
      Provides a search engine for finding articles written by Dr. Weil, as well as a directory of general topics by him. 2-00

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