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  1. Blindness Resources (New York Insititute for Special Education)
      Provides over 100 resources on blindness.

  2. Organizations Related to Blindness Services and Education (New York Insititute for Special Education)
      Provides over 100 organizations related to blindness.

  3. Blindness Resources (New York Insititute for Special Education)
      Provides information by topic, such as deaf-blindness, low vision, eye diseases, vendors of technology and more.

  4. River Blindness (The Carter Center)
      Provides a factsheet on an infection common in Africa and Latin America. The dangerous condition is caused by the bite of the blackfly, which breeds near fast moving rivers and streams. The bit deposits the larvae of a parasitic worm. 6-01

  5. Observing the Sun and Solar Eclipses (Solar Center)
      Provides methods to safely "observe" the sun. Never look directly at the sun or view the sun through binoculars. Never look at the sun through a telescope without specially designed filters. Viewing the sun directly or through lenses can cause permanent damage to your eyes, even blindness. 3-02

  6. Using Waste Vegetable Oil as a Diesel Replacement Fuel - Safety (
      "Wear proper protective gloves, apron, and eye protection and do not inhale any vapors. Methanol can cause blindness and death, and you don't even have to drink it, it's absorbed through the skin. Sodium hydroxide can cause severe burns and death. Together these two chemicals form sodium methoxide. This is an extremely caustic chemical. These are dangerous chemicals -- treat them as such!"

      Editor's Note: Awesome Library does not recommend making biodiesel fuel. 10-04

  7. -10-31-08 DNA Kits Available at Retail Costs (
      "Learning and sharing your genetic secrets are at the heart of 23andMe's controversial new service a $399 saliva test that estimates your predisposition for more than 90 traits and conditions ranging from baldness to blindness. Although 23andMe isn't the only company selling DNA tests to the public, it does the best job of making them accessible and affordable. The 600,000 genetic markers that 23andMe identifies and interprets for each customer are 'the digital manifestation of you,' says Wojcicki (pronounced Wo-jis-key), 35, who majored in biology and was previously a health-care investor." 07-07

  8. Parasites in Humans (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
      Provides an alphabetical list of conditions resulting from worms or insects and provides articles on each condition, such as river blindness, trichinosis, or hookworm infection. Does not provide a picture of roundworms or other parasites. Many of the articles are for physicians, but some are for families. 6-01

  9. Miss Florida Contestant Almost Blind (ABC News)
      "When Connor Boss looks out into the crowd this Saturday as she competes in the Miss Florida USA pageant, she will see audience members only as a blur."

      "Boss is the pageant's first legally blind contestant. At age 8, she was diagnosed with Stargardt's disease, a genetic disorder that causes progressive vision loss. Now 18 and soon to be a freshman at Florida State University, Boss prefers that her blindness be kept under wraps, her mother Traci Boss said." 07-12

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