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  1. -05-06-06 Survival Strategies for a Brutal Allergies Season (ABC News)
      "Experts are calling this one of the worst allergy seasons on record, with people who never have had problems before reporting itching, coughing and sneezing."

      "About one-third of people with seasonal allergies will aggravate their symptoms if they eat certain foods during the allergy season. These people breathe in the pollen, and then the pollen triggers a cross-reaction with the protein in these foods. Avoid apples, pears, carrots, almonds and hazelnut coffee." 05-06

  2. -07-09-07 Relief for Cat Allergies (MSNBC News)
      "People who are allergic to cats may not have to get rid of their pets to find relief, if the findings of a new study hold up."

    • -07-09-07 How to Cope With Allergies (MSNBC News)
        "The two most common types of allergy medications are antihistamines, which can stop all the major symptoms of hay fever but don't work well on established congestion, and decongestants. The latter comes in the form of oral medications and nasal sprays. The sprays are good for the short term but can cause dependency. If decongestants keep you up at night, or you can't take them due to heart or thyroid problems, try an anti-leukotriene, a medication that helps fight allergic inflammation. Prescription steroid nasal sprays are another effective option." 08-07

    • -06-11-10 What Plants Are Worst for Allergies? (
        Provides 10 of the most common sources of allergic reactions. 06-10

    • Allergies and Asthma Map (
        Provides a map of the USA regarding severity of allergy conditions. Also provides information on allergies and asthma.

    • Allergies ( - Tidwell)
        Provides news, facts, statistics, treatments, symptoms, a glossary, and more. 2-01

    • Allergies - Cleaning Guidelines (
        Suggests frequency of cleaning to reduce allerens for allergy sufferers. 9-03

    • Allergies - Green Label Certified Vacuum Cleaners (
        Provides a list of vacuum cleaners that have been Green Label Certified. 9-03

    • Allergies (
        Provides detailed information on allergies, listed by condition.

    • Allergies (Awesome Library)
        Provides resources related to allergies.

    • -12-09-05 Dog Genome Decoded to Help Study Human Diseases (Scientific American)
        "Because each breed represents an isolated group with discrete traits that can be linked to distinct genes--and because different breeds suffer from some of the same maladies that afflict humans, such as allergies or certain types of cancer--the dog's genome should help isolate the genetic roots of such diseases, proving dogs' utility to humanity once more." 12-05.

    • Study: Milk "Essential" During Pregnancy (
        "Women who don’t drink enough milk during pregnancy — perhaps to limit weight gain or because of concerns about allergies — may stunt their babies’ growth in the womb, research suggests." 9-05

    • Surprising Effects of Global Warming (MSNBC News)
        "You’ve probably heard about the global warming song and dance: rising temperatures, melting ice caps and rising sea levels in the near future. But Earth’s changing climate is already wreaking havoc in some very weird ways. So gird yourself for such strange effects as savage wildfires, disappearing lakes, and freak allergies." 01-07

    • -02-27-08 Recommendation: All Kids Should Get Flu Shots (
        "All children — not just those under 5 — should get vaccinated against the flu, a federal advisory panel said Wednesday. The panel voted to expand annual flu shots to virtually all children except infants younger than 6 months and those with serious egg allergies." 02-08

    • -Study: Fish Found With Pharmaceuticals in Them (CBS News)
        "Fish caught near wastewater treatment plants serving five major U.S. cities had residues of pharmaceuticals in them, including medicines used to treat high cholesterol, allergies, high blood pressure, bipolar disorder and depression, researchers reported Wednesday."

        "Findings from this first nationwide study of human drugs in fish tissue have prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to significantly expand similar ongoing research to more than 150 different locations." 03-09

    • -04-08-09 Oral Allergy Syndrome (CNN News)
        "Have you ever experienced itchiness or hives in your mouth area after eating raw fruit or vegetables? Do you also have seasonal allergies?"

        "If so, you may have oral allergy syndrome, whose symptoms occur because the proteins in some fruits and vegetables are similar to proteins in some pollens." 04-09

    • Beta Glucans (
        "Beta glucans are used for high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. Beta glucans are also used to boost the immune system in people whose body defenses have been weakened by conditions such chronic fatigue syndrome, or physical and emotional stress; or by treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy. Beta glucans are also used for colds (common cold), flu (influenza), H1N1 (swine) flu, allergies, hepatitis, Lyme disease, asthma, ear infections, aging, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis."

        "People apply beta glucans to the skin for dermatitis, eczema, wrinkles, bedsores, wounds, burns, diabetic ulcers, and radiation burns." 07-10

    • -Study: Species-Specific Microbes May Be Key to Immune Systems (
        "The results support the thinking that we humans have coevolved with our microbes--and we're probably not the same without them. 'The selection of partners is not by chance,' Chang says. And that might explain why as we alter our microbiomes--with antibiotics and superclean upbringings--our immune systems have been changing as well, ushering in increasing rates of autoimmune conditions such as allergies and diabetes. 'The consequence is that the balance between us and our microbes, determined through evolution, is upset in ways that impact our health and increase risk for many diseases that were previously uncommon,' he notes." 06-12

    • -Why the U.S. Leads in Health Expenditures (New York Times)
        "Americans pay, on average, about four times as much for a hip replacement as patients in Switzerland or France and more than three times as much for a Caesarean section as those in New Zealand or Britain. The average price for Nasonex, a common nasal spray for allergies, is $108 in the United States compared with $21 in Spain. The costs of hospital stays here are about triple those in other developed countries, even though they last no longer, according to a recent report by the Commonwealth Fund, a foundation that studies health policy."

        "Colonoscopies offer a compelling case study. They are the most expensive screening test that healthy Americans routinely undergo — and often cost more than childbirth or an appendectomy in most other developed countries. Their numbers have increased manyfold over the last 15 years, with data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggesting that more than 10 million people get them each year, adding up to more than $10 billion in annual costs."

        "While several cheaper and less invasive tests to screen for colon cancer are recommended as equally effective by the federal government’s expert panel on preventive care — and are commonly used in other countries — colonoscopy has become the go-to procedure in the United States. 'We’ve defaulted to by far the most expensive option, without much if any data to support it,' said Dr. H. Gilbert Welch, a professor of medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice." 06-13

    • Pollen Forecasts by City (Allegra) 1-04

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