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A Better view for Portland

Portland is unique - a center of activity for people who care, want a better life, and want to make a difference. Portland is rated one of the most livable cities in America. We know the kind of work it takes to make it better.

Portland is a progressive city--why doesn't it have the best public education in the country? Why don't we have the best climate for small business, the foundation for our local economy?

The failure of Measure 30 was a failure of trust in government. The public no longer believes that more money for education will bring excellent results. The public no longer trusts how the local economy is being handled. Our government must have our trust before we can move forward to what's next.

What Do We Need in a Mayor?

Why vote Jerry Adams for Mayor

There are two main reasons
  The first is that he has bold solutions for big problems:
  • Increase family wage jobs
  • Gain excellence in education
  • Improve health care for seniors
  • Increase meaningful work for youth
  • Make government more cost-effective.
  • Create a collaborative style of government
  • Make Portland "Energy-Free by 2023,"
  • Make government accountable to you with a "Report Card"
The second reason is that he has broad experience for transforming Portland into "The City of the Future."

He has had strong success in improving business, government, and education--at a national level, as well as local. He will work with all communities to make Portland the "City of the Future."

"Five Bold Steps into the Future"
R. Jerry Adams, Ph.D.
#1 City of the Future
We put five bold steps together into a complete and comprehensive plan. We will increase living wage jobs, improve education, make Portland the "greenest" city in the world, have the best city-wide health program in the country, and convert problems into opportunities. In short, Portland will have the best quality of life of any major city. We will monitor the whole effort on a simple Report Card to inform Portlanders on progress. Details here.

#2 Building Community Around Schools
The United States is falling behind other nations in education. The world leaders in education have extended the school day and the school year. It works. We can make strong gains in education by having more of it. We can progress from more and better education to developing a sense of community around schools.
Details here.

#3 Energy-Free by 2023
We can break free from fossil fuels. Portland can be a world leader in controlling its own clean sources of energy. We can attract businesses and jobs with cheaper energy.
Details here.
#4 Put "Care" into Health Care
Portland has not been very involved in preventive health care. We are facing an explosion of health care costs for the forseeable future. We can--and must--prevent the explosion with some simple steps. Details here.
#5 Habitats for Neighborhoods
Many youth need jobs and have no career future. If you ask them to do something, you may hear "Show me the money." A seemingly unrelated fact is that Portland needs many more affordable housing units. Two other "unrelated" facts: We have many abandoned buildings. We are losing living wage jobs. We can put these seemingly unrelated ingredients together into a program that rejuvenates neighborhoods--and is self-funded. Details here.

Email: jadams@awesomelibrary.org

Phone: (503) 307-6673

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April 28
Presenting to Pacific Green Party at the Downtown Library 8:00-8:30pm
April 29
KOIN TV 6pm News:
Spotlight on Jerry Adams

May 4
Panelist on the Oregon Economic and Business Forum - Convention Center 2:30-4:30pm
May 5
Presenting about Bikes on KBOO Radio 9-10am

May 5
Panelist on Best Public Policy Ideas You've Never Heard - Convention Center 3-4:15pm
May 6
Being Interviewed on KPSU (1450AM) radio 6-7pm
May 8-15
Watch for television version of KPSU interview on cable.

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