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  1. Periodic Chart of Elements (Molecular Arts Corp.)
      Search for elements by category, valence, formula, weight, or orbitals. 1-01

  2. Learning Musical Elements Through Listening 5-00

  3. Elements of Style (Strunk)
      This classic, first published in 1918, provides the elements of English usage.

  4. Elements (Rader New Media)
      "As far as we know there are only so many basic elements. Up to this point in time we have discovered/created over 100. While there may be more out there to discover, the basic elements remain the same. Iron atoms found on Earth are identical to Iron atoms found on meteorites. The Iron atoms on Mars that make the soil red are the same too." 12-02

  5. Periodic Table of Elements (Winter)
      Provides the periodic table, along with significant information on each element.

  6. Periodic Table of Elements

  7. Chemical Elements - Periodic Table (Bentor)
      Provides details of each element on a periodic table. Also provides information by element group or by characteristic, such as atomic mass.

  8. Elements - Periodic Table of Elements (Dayah)
      Elements are grouped into eight classes, according to their properties. 6-00

  9. Jazz Elements (PBS - Ken Burns Jazz - Schoenberg)
      Provides articles on improvisation, harmony, melody, rhythm, notation, and instruments related to jazz. 2-01

  10. Periodic Table of Elements ( - Barbalace)
      Provides detailed information on each element, including uses. 9-01

  11. Periodic Table of Elements (
      Provides the periodic table, along with significant information on most of the elements. 05-07

  12. -Seven Key Elements of Financial Reform (
      "President Obama made his pitch for new Wall Street regulation in New York, but it's still unclear if the massively complex legislation would prevent another financial crisis. Here's a look at the seven crucial areas of the bills." 04-10

  13. -02-20-11 Scarce Elements of a Clean Energy Technology (
      "Heard of germanium? How about neodymium? Or terbium? Or rhenium? They're not extras from a Star Trek film—these are real world elements are some of the rarest members of the periodic table. But as hard as they are to find, these substances are increasingly important to green tech, clean tech and high tech—and the U.S. doesn't have enough of them."

      "It will take a lot more than one mine to ensure the U.S. is ready for the clean tech era—although most other ECEs are scattered around the world, so no one country can lock down supplies. That's a relief—the clean tech era shouldn't be held hostage to the same geopolitics we suffered through with oil." 02-11

  14. Two New Elements Added to Periodic Table (
      "Sadly, they don't have names yet, according to the AP. So for now, we'll just have to call them #114 and #116 (numbers which refer to the number of protons in their nuclei and which give them their unique boxes on the table). We know that they last for less than a second, and that "the new elements were made by slamming two lighter elements together in the hopes that they'd stick.""

      "Elements are sometimes listed before they're voted into the table, as was the case with #114 and #116 before an international committee of scientists gave them the go-ahead, and as is currently the case with #113 and #115, who continue to languish in periodic table purgatory. The total number of officially recognized elements, a Carnegie Mellon professor told the AP, is now 114, given this condition." 06-11

  15. Web Development (December Communications)
      Provides processes, qualities, elements, and characterisitcs of good Web development.

  16. Teach With Movies (Frieden and Elliott)
      Provides reviews of movies that include elements of lesson plans and background materials. Films rated by age appropriateness. Designed for parents, but appropriate for teachers. Also includes a section on films that have merit, but provides reasons why the films are not a preferred medium for use in teaching children.

  17. Basics of Chemistry ( - Wilner)
      Provides explanations regarding the elements, atomic structure, mols, states of matter, oxidation and reduction (redox), acids and bases, kinetics, compounds, solutions, and more. 2-00

  18. Periodic Table Games (CSUDH)
      Provides a game to help learn the periodic table. 12-02

  19. Dance for Grades 8 - 10 (British Columbia Ministry of Education)
      Provides Elements of Movement, Creation and Composition, Presentation and Performance, and Dance and Society. These materials are called an Integrated Resource Package.

  20. Simple Machines (Museum of Science)
      Provides elements of machines, such as gears. 12-01

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