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Panemic or Hurricane Checklist
Start Date ________   Completion Date ________

Two weeks of supplies may be needed before outside help is available.

1. Water...
____ Store one gallon of water per person per day, in case city water is shut down; do not store plastic containers directly on concrete because concrete can create problems with the plastic.
____ Shut down the incoming water supply to the hot water heater and, in an emergency, use that water for drinking.
____ Water in a plastic gallon container or in the hot water heater that has not been refrigerated, can go bad over time; to be safe, boil the water before drinking or use a water filter.
____ Include sturdy cups or glasses for drinking
____ Buy a water purifier that can be used without city water pressure, such as a camping water purifier.
____ Make or buy a solar cooker to heat water and/or food if necessary.

2. Extra Food...
____ Store foods that have a long shelf life, such as canned tuna, canned vegetables, canned beans, peanut butter, protein bars, and crackers.
____ Include pots with lids (for heating water)
____ Include a bowl, plate, spoon, and fork for each person
____ Include camping stoves (for boiling "clean" water to ensure that it is sanitary or distilling polluted water)
____ Include large (pot-size) freezer bags (for catching distilled water: get condensed water to drip from pot the lid) Water must be distilled if it is polluted with petrochemicals; boiling will not be sufficient to make it safe

3. Emergency supplies...
____ Include hand crank radios with emergency radio stations and some TV stations
____ Include hand crank flashlights, extra rechargeable batteries, and matches.
____ Include foam ice chests with covers, filled with ice
____ Include first aid kits
____ Include masks for filtering the air
____ Include phone numbers of friends, relatives, and neighbors
____ Include cash for emergency food and supplies

4. Medications...
____ Bring an additional 14 days of all your prescription medications
____ Bring over-the-counter, fever-reducing medications; medications for upset stomach; and cold and flu medication
____ Bring fluids, like Gatorade and Pedialite, which have electrolytes and will help a family member rehydrate if they get sick
____ Bring thermometers in case someone gets sick
____ Brind a hand disinfectant/cleaner
5. Cleaning and hygiene...
____ Store paper towels, toilet paper, soap, a bucket for cleaning dishes and carrying supplies, and large trash bags

6. Comfort and rest...
____ Include pillows, blankets, and spare socks and underwear

7. Activities...
____ Bring activities for your children and yourself, games, coloring books, books, and cards

For more information, see Disaster Preparation