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  1. Ancient Vikings

  2. Ancient Vikings (Snaith Primary School)
      Provides worksheets and interactive problems to solve. 11-01

  3. Electric Bicycles - 03b. (Viking)
      Starts at around $1,150 for electric bicycle with lights and other accessories. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but provides it as an example. 2-02

  4. Vikings - Ancient Vikings (
      Includes resources on ancient Viking culture. 2-05

  5. Ancient Vikings Found in London (CNN News)
      "On Friday, officials revealed that analysis of the men's teeth shows they were Vikings, executed with sharp blows to the head around a thousand years ago. They were killed during the Dark Ages, when Vikings frequently invaded the region." 03-10

  6. Ancient History and Philosophy (Multnomah County Library)
      Includes Vikings, Stone Age, and Ice Age, as well as the traditional cultures of the Aztecs, Egyptians, Greeks, Incas, Mayans, Mediterranean, Middle East, and Romans.

  7. Facts and Myths About Mars (CNN News)
      "We know a great deal about the red planet from centuries of work by astronomers and from decades of data beamed back from unmanned spacecraft like the twin Viking landers, which in 1976 became the first spacecraft to land successfully on the planet." 12-03

  8. Court Cases on Religion (Time Magazine)
      "The never-ending march of court cases about church and state sometimes seems so rapid that they blur together. But Peter Irons, a longtime professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego, and a member of the Supreme Court bar, has slowed down time to take in-depth looks at several highly symbolic disputes in his new book God on Trial: Dispatches from America's Religious Battlefields (Viking $26.95)." 05-07

  9. Runestones (
      "A runestone is typically a raised stone with a runic inscription, but the term can also be applied to inscriptions on boulders and on bedrock. The tradition began in the 4th century, and it lasted into the 12th century, but most of the runestones date from the late Viking Age. Most runestones are located in Scandinavia, but there are also scattered runestones in locations that were visited by Norsemen during the Viking Age. Runestones are often memorials to deceased men. Runestones were usually brightly colored when erected, though this is no longer evident as the color has worn off." 02-10

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