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  1. Keyboarding and Typing Skills (
      Provides online lessons and exercises to improve skills. 7-05

  2. Navajo - Dene Fonts (Stauffer)
      Provides fonts for typing and editing on the computer. 7-00

  3. Apple's New iPad: Not Just a Bigger iPod Touch (MSNBC News)
      "When you hold the Apple iPad in landscape mode, the keyboard is nearly big enough for touch typing and improvement over the virtual buttons on the iPhone." 01-10

  4. Xoom Tablet and Atrix 4G Smartphone (
      "The [Xoom] tablet is already fast enough with its dual-core Tegra 2 chip to play HD video, which was much more in evidence on the 1280x800 screen. Motorola reps reminded us that the 16:10 ratio screen helped address complaints about thumb typing on devices like the iPad: it's narrower and thus easier to reach the full keyboard with your thumbs, but it's still very large when watching movies in landscape."

      "The Atrix 4G we had real if brief time to use. While 4G speeds weren't available to gauge, the NVIDIA Tegra 2 isn't quite as fast as it might seem. Based on a quick navigation around the main interface, the phone still had a slight stutter for visual transitions. We also have misgivings about continuing to use Blur; the Atrix 4G is a power user's phone, and the UI not only gets in the way but will invariably delay upgrades to Android 2.3 or later."

      "The notebook add-on itself is fairly well thought-out and hides the docked phone in the back. It uses a well spaced chiclet-style keyboard and a fairly colorful 11.6-inch display; we were surprised to see some cleverly hidden speakers on the back corners." 01-10

  5. iPad2 as a Laptop Replacement (
      "Without the ZaggFolio, I used the iPad mostly for reading and light productivity. Id happily type brief e-mails on it, but never anything as long as a meaty blog post or article. But Zaggs no-compromise keyboard made typing every bit as comfy as it is on a notebook. All of a sudden I could write hundreds of words on the iPad. Or thousands of them."

  6. Recipes Search (Betty Crocker)
      Provides recipes for main dishes, desserts, side dishes and more by typing in keywords. Allows you to find recipes based on ingredients.

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