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  1. Movies - Reviews (TV Guide Online)
      Provides reviews for thousands of movies. Search by title, part of title, actor, or other information. Also provides detailed information on each movie and a list of current top ten video rentals. 2-00

  2. Current Events - Teaching via TV and Newspapers (
      Provides a variety of sources of lessons on current events.

  3. Gore Starts New TV Network (ABC News)
      "Al Gore, once known as the stuffiest man in Washington, isn't wearing a tie these days, and with his new TV network launching, he's clearly hoping to prove a point."

      "The former vice president now describes himself as a "recovering politician," and today he turns the page on the next chapter of his life with the launch of Current — a cable and satellite TV network — that he claims will reinvent TV by letting its viewers supply the content." 8-05

  4. TV Classics (
      Provides information on actors who played on some of the most popular television shows in the 1950's through 1990's. 6-02

  5. Young Persons Getting News from Late-Night TV (MSNBC News)
      "Depending on the turnout at the polls this November, it may be one of the more important stories of the 2004 campaign: Increasing numbers of young prospective voters turning to late-night comedy television shows to get their election news." 9-04

  6. Pattern of False Terrorist Warnings (TV Newser)
      MSNBC's Keith Olbermann: "Well...I'm going to raise this question as skeptically and bluntly as I can. It's not a question that doubts the existence of terror, nor the threat of terrorism. But we've cobbled together in the last couple of hours a list of at least 13 occasions that -- on which -- whenever there has been news that significantly impacted the White House negatively, there has been some sudden credible terror threat somewhere in this country. How could the coincidence be so consistent?"

      Craig Crawford: "It's, it is a pattern." 10-05

  7. Plasma vs LCD TV's (US
      Provides a comparison. 11-05

  8. Cancelled Shows With Good Reviews (MSN TV)
      Describes 11 TV shows with good reviews that were cancelled through the years. 02-06

  9. -05-25-06 FCC Probe of TV Stations Airing Ads as News (
      "Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin ordered a probe of dozens of television stations after a report found they aired advertisements as if they were news reports, people familiar with the inquiry said." 05-06

  10. -07-22-06 Panasonic Releases Largest Plasma TV (ABC News)
      "Measuring 103 inches diagonally — or roughly the size of 7-foot-tall Shaquille O'Neal — Panasonic's new high-definition plasma TV is the largest available to U.S. consumers." 07-06

  11. -01-06-07 Verizon to Offer Cellphone TV (USA Today)
      "Prime time is coming to the really small screen." 01-07

  12. -03-28-07 Iran TV Shows Captured British Sailors (BBC News)
      "Iranian state television has broadcast an interview with captured British female sailor Faye Turney and footage of the 14 servicemen seized with her." 03-07

  13. How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV (MSNBC)
      An options explosion has littered the shopping landscape with numbers, features, and terminology that even experts sometimes have trouble tracking. So we've tried to boil the choices down to the basics that can actually do you some good, and we've noted which are important. (In audio and video, never forget that just because something has a number to describe it doesn't mean it really matters!)."

      "We've grouped the specs into three categories: important, somewhat important, and minor." 06-07

  14. Time's 100 Best TV Shows of All Time (
      Provides Time's list of best TV shows. 09-07

  15. -02-04-08 Super Bowl XLII the Second Most Watched Show in TV History (MSNBC News)
      "The New York Giants’ thrilling win over New England was the most-watched Super Bowl ever with 97.5 million viewers, a total that is second only to the “M-A-S-H” finale audience, Nielsen Media Research said Monday." 02-08

  16. -04-29-08 Full Episodes of TV Shows (
      Provides episodes. 04-08

  17. Full Episodes of TV Shows (
      Provides episodes. 04-08

  18. -01-14-09 TVA Ordered to Clean Up Coal-Fired Plants (CNN News)
      "A federal judge has ordered the Tennessee Valley Authority to clean up four coal-fired plants that he said were engulfing parts of North Carolina with air pollution -- emissions that fouled the region's health, economy and natural resources." 01-09

  19. -03-18-09 Eco-Friendly TV Sets (
      "The global recession is weakening demand for LCD and plasma TVs. This means Sharp, Panasonic and Sony are desperate to defend their market shares and are racing to come up with features to distinguish their products from those of their competitors. The marketing catchphrase in Japan is now 'eco-TV': flat-screen sets that, like the new Sharp Aquos, are environmentally friendlier because they use less energy and cost less to run." 04-08

  20. -09-11-09 Editorial: TV's Shark Tank Advisor No Business Whiz (
      "Shares of the company's oldest fund, O'Leary Global Equity Income Fund, which was launched in 2008, have plunged nearly 24% in the past year. Next, there's the truth-in-advertising problem: O'Leary calls himself an 'eco-preneur,' but many of the funds' investments are in coal companies and other large polluters."

      "O'Leary told Canadian business magazine Profit in June 2003, 'There are a lot of idiot fund managers out there who add no value to the process at all.' If O'Leary doesn't turn things around at his funds, he can add one more manager to his list." 09-09

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