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  1. -Articles on Trains and Train Transport (
      Provides 33 subcategories of articles. 1-07

  2. Super-Smasher Targets Mysteries of the Universe (MSNBC News)
      "It will take months for the machine to reach full power. But eventually, those protons will be whipped up to 99.999999 percent of the speed of light, slamming together with the energy of two bullet trains colliding head-on. Underground detectors as big as cathedrals will track the subatomic wreckage on a time scale of billionths of a second. Billions of bits of data will be sent out every second for analysis."

      "As big as the numbers surrounding the LHC are, the mysteries it was built to address are bigger:"

      "What was the newborn universe made of?"
      "What causes things to have mass?"
      "Why is most of that mass hidden?"
      "Where did all the antimatter go?"
      "Is our entire universe a mere sliver of all that is?" 09-08

  3. -New Vaccine for Melanoma Cancer (MSNBC News)
      "For the first time, a novel treatment that trains the immune system to fight cancer has shown modest benefit in late-stage testing against the deadly skin cancer melanoma."

      "The approach is called a cancer vaccine, even though it treats disease rather than prevents it. In a study of about 180 patients already getting standard therapy, the vaccine doubled the number of patients whose tumors shrank, and extended the time until their cancer worsened by about six weeks." 05-09

  4. -08-08-09 Lessons for Over-35 Athletes From Olympic Swimmer (U.S. News)
      " 'They want to know about the abs and the arms,' says 42-year-old swimmer Dara Torres, the five-time Olympianómost recently last summer in Beijing, where she won three silver medals. They want to know about how she trains, what she eats, how she managed to compete in last week's world championships against people less than half her ageóand, yes, how she has that body after giving birth to a child."

      "The answer to that last question: strength-training, mostly using her own body weight, and focusing particularly on her core stomach, back, and pelvic muscles." 07-09

  5. Practicing "Brain Builders" Does Not Build General Intelligence (
      "Jason Allaire, co-director of the Games through Gaming lab at North Carolina State University says the Nature study makes sense; rather than finding a silver bullet for brain enhancement, he says, 'it's really time for researchers to think about a broad or holistic approach that exercises or trains the mind in general in order to start to improve cognition more broadly.' " 04-10

  6. -12-13-14 Thousands in New York March Against Deaths by Police (New York Times)
      "They came to the nationís capital on buses and planes and minivans and trains, from Florida, Detroit and Staten Island, led as much by the families, friends and supporters of African-American men and boys killed at the hands of the police as by civil rights leaders." 12-14

  7. -BNSF Railroad Institutes New Safety Measures (ABC News)
      "BNSF has started taking additional safety measures for crude oil shipments because of four recent high-profile derailments in the U.S. and Canada, the railroad said Monday."

      "Under the changes, BNSF is slowing down crude oil trains to 35 mph in cities with more than 100,000 people and increasing track inspections near waterways. The Fort Worth, Texas, based railroad also is stepping up efforts to find and repair defective wheels before they can cause derailments." 03-15

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