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  1. Times for Sunrise and Sunset in the USA (USA Today)

  2. Paintings by Style or Time Period (WebMuseum)

  3. History of Money from Ancient Times to Present Day (Davies)
      Provides a history. 10-09

  4. Timeline of African-American History (1852 - 1880)

  5. Timeline of African-American History (1881 - 1900)

  6. Timeline of African-American History (1901 - 1925)

  7. Declaration of Independence - Timetable
      Covers June 7, 1776 - August 2, 1776.

  8. Geological Periods of Time (Collins, Guralnik, and Speer)
      Provides a visual represention of the different geological periods in terms of millions of years ago (mya).

  9. Greek Life and Times (University of Pennsylvania)
      Provides pictures and a historical narrative regarding daily life, arts, economy, warfare, religion and other aspects of life in ancient Greece.

  10. -Daily Life in Ancient Times (Donn) star
      Provides information on toys, pets, food, jobs, entertainment, transportation, clothes, and other daily life details. Includes ancient China, Egypt, Greece, Rome and India. 03-06

  11. South African Schools on the Net (Siyafunda Sunday Times)

  12. Impeachable Offense - What is it (New York Times - Glaberson)
      Provides a discussion of the Constitutional basis for impeaching the President of the United States.

  13. Current Events - Today's News (New York Times)

  14. Geologic Time (Newman)
      Provides articles on geologic time, the age of the earth, relative time scale, major divisions of geologic time, an index of fossils, and radiometric time.

  15. World War II Timeline in Europe (History Place)
      Provides a comprehensive history of World War II, by date.

  16. Movies - Times and Places (
      Provides schedules of movies in your area. Just supply your zip code or a city name and they will do the rest.

  17. Relativity (Time)
      Provides audio of Einstein explaining that energy equals mass times the velocity of light squared. 1-00

  18. Movies - Times (Internet Movie Database)
      Provides schedules of movies in your area. Just supply your zip code or a city name and they will do the rest. 2-00

  19. Dinosaur Heart Found (
      Provides evidence that dinosaurs were warm blooded, like birds and mammals.

  20. Holocaust - Timelines - High School Level (Wiesenthal Center)
      Provides a timeline related to the atrocities of the holocaust in Europe during World War II. Sometimes misspelled as holacaust, holacost, or holocost. 5-00

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