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  1. Game - Teichmuller Space Navigator Geometry Game
      Provides the game. 10-09

  2. Space Links (National Space Society)
      Provides sources of information related to space. 8-01

  3. Deep Space (NASA Quest)
      Provides pictures and information for teachers and kids. 1-01

  4. News on Space Shuttle Missions (NASA)
      Provides news on the latest space missions. 8-05

  5. NASA Space Flight News (NASA)

  6. Earth From Space - Close-up (Terraserver - Microsoft)
      Provides a close-up view of most spots on earth, including your own house.

  7. History of Space Exploration (Hamilton)
      Includes pictures, articles, and links.

  8. Mir - Space Shuttle to Mir (NASA)
      Provides information on different shuttles to Mir and includes the John Glenn flight.

  9. Kennedy Space Center (NASA)
      Provides information on space flights.

  10. Space Flight - Map of Web Site (NASA)
      Provides information on space flights, including stories on the International Space Station. This new NASA site has a search engine and consolidates most other NASA Web sites for space exploration.

  11. Space Exploration Search (NASA)
      Searches NASA for information on space exploration, such as flights to Mars or the Moon, the Space Station, telescopes, pictures of planets, and more.

  12. 1st Grade Shape and Space (British Columbia Ministry of Education)
      Provides Prescribed Learning Outcomes, Suggested Instructional Strategies, Suggested Assessment Strategies, and Recommended Learning Resources

  13. Breaking News in Astronomy (
      Provides news key news stories.

  14. Space Station and Shuttle (NASA Human Spaceflight - Dismukes and Humphries)
      Provides news on events surrounding space stations and shuttles. 2-01

  15. Space Stations and Shuttles News (
      Provides information on the latest space missions, discoveries, and achievements each day. 11-00.

  16. Antimatter Space Ships (
      Describes how an antimatter space ship might produce a great deal more energy than any other source now known and even allow interstellar travel, travel to other planets from distant stars. 06-07

  17. Ion Powered Space Ships (NASA)
      Describes how ion powered spacecrafts might be desirable for long space missions. 11-00.

  18. Solar Sail Powered Space Ships 1 (NASA)
      Describes how solar sail powered spacecrafts might be best for long space missions. 11-00.

  19. Solar Sail Powered Space Ships 2 (NASA)
      Describes how solar sail powered spacecrafts might be best for long space missions. 11-00.

  20. Space Flight Basics (NASA - Jet Propulsion Lab)
      Provides 18 lessons on space flight. 2-01

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