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  1. -11-18-04 Study: Irregularities in Voting in Florida Certain (
      "Voting irregularities in three Florida counties that used electronic voting machines in this month's election may have awarded as many as 260,000 votes more to President George W. Bush than were expected, according to researchers at the University of California, Berkeley."

      " 'Something went awry with electronic voting in Florida,' says Michael Hout, a sociology professor, who led the research effort." 11-04

  2. Outrage as Shamed Belgian Priest Downplays Child Abuse (
      "Dirk Jacobs, a sociology professor at Brussels Free University, says the Vatican must act forcefully now if it wants to salvage some of its credibility and moral authority in Belgium and abroad. 'But it might still be seen as too little, too late,' Jacobs says. 'The image we have is of the church as an institution of power, foremost worried about its reputation, disconnected from the real world and with a twisted view of sexuality.' However, there is little indication that the Vatican is ready for an image overhaul. And one year after he resigned in disgrace, Roger Vangheluwe appears like the Vatican to be in denial about the problem." 04-11

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