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  1. Scientists' Biographies (PBS)
      Provides biographies of scientists from the fields of medicine and health, physics and astronomy, human behavior, technology, and earth and life sciences. 3-00

  2. Terrorism Background and Threat Assessments (Federation of American Scientists)
      Provides sources of information related to acts of terrorism, threats of terrorism, documents opposing terrorism, and steps to counter terrorism. 3-02

  3. Scientists in Iraq (BBC News - Westcott)
      Describes a few of Hussein's top scientists. "Saddam Hussein's top scientists may hold the key to the secrets of Iraq's weapons programmes, but tracking them down and interviewing them is posing one of the biggest challenges to weapons inspectors." 12-02

  4. Scientists Begin Quest to Detect Gravity Waves (
      "Armed with one of the most advanced scientific instruments of all time, physicists are now watching the universe intently for the first evidence of gravitational waves." 6-03

  5. 07-24-03 Scientists Bore Into Ice Over 100,000 Years Old (BBC News)
      "Scientists have drilled through the central Greenland ice cap, obtaining an ice core that records climate data for the past 120,000 years." 7-03

  6. Scientists Turn DNA Tubes into Nanowires (Scientific American)
      "Scientists have recruited DNA to manufacture minuscule wires that could be used for nanoscale electronic devices." 1-04

  7. Scientists and Inventors - African American (
      Provides biographies. 1-05

  8. -03-15-05 Scientists Test Evolution (ABC News)
      "Scientists are bringing the past to life by hatching eggs once thought to be dead and producing colonies of animals as they existed decades ago." 4-05

  9. 07-14-05 NIH Scientists Violated Ethics Rules (
      "Almost four dozen scientists at the National Institutes of Health violated rules governing outside contracts with the pharmaceutical industry and nine may be investigated for criminal violations, U.S. lawmakers said." 7-05

  10. -07-27-05 Scientists Find Bacteria That Fight Bad Breath (CBS News)
      "Scientists have found bacteria that fight bad breath and smelly feet." 7-05

  11. Global Warming More Than Most Scientists Expected (
      "The temperature rise has put feathered, furry, and scaly animals alike in a state of flux. Some are seeking higher ground, others are breeding earlier, and many can't find enough to eat."

      "But these changes—like the warming itself—are already happening more quickly than most researchers expected."

      "In the North Sea, for example, such changes have kinked the entire food chain, according to Euan Dunn, head of marine policy for the U.K.'s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds." 8-05

  12. Scientists: Arctic Ice Loss Triggering Global Warming (BBC News)
      " 'September 2005 will set a new record minimum in the amount of Arctic sea ice cover,' said Mark Serreze, of the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), Boulder, Colorado.' "

      "The current rate of shrinkage they calculate at 8% per decade; at this rate there may be no ice at all during the summer of 2060."

      " 'These dark areas absorb a lot of the Sun's energy, much more than the ice, and what happens then is that the oceans start to warm up, and it becomes very difficult for ice to form during the following autumn and winter.' "

      " 'It looks like this is exactly what we're seeing - a positive feedback effect, a "tipping-point".' "

      "The idea behind tipping-points is that at some stage the rate of global warming would accelerate, as rising temperatures break down natural restraints or trigger environmental changes which release further amounts of greenhouse gases."

      "The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, a four-year study involving hundreds of scientists, projected an additional temperature rise of 4-7C by 2100." 9-05

  13. Scientists: Marketing of "Junk" Food Effective - Stop It (MSNBC News)
      "SpongeBob SquarePants, Shrek and other characters kids love should promote only healthy food, a panel of scientists recommended."

      "In a report released Tuesday, the Institute of Medicine said television advertising strongly influences what children under 12 eat." 12-05

  14. -03-21-06 Woman With Perfect Memory Baffles Scientists (ABC News)
      AJ's "degree of recall is so much greater than any other person's in the scientific literature that it [her method of categorizing] seems unlikely to be the complete answer, McGaugh adds."

      "She is also quite different from savants who have surfaced from time to time with extraordinary abilities in music, art or memory." 3-06

  15. Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) Timelines to 2000 (Federation of American Scientists)
      Provides a timeline to the year 2000.

  16. -06-12-06 Scientists: First New Species of Human Found (ABC News)
      "In October 2004, a team of Australian and Indonesian archaeologists announced in Nature magazine they had dug up the bones of a brand new, previously unknown humanoid species which they nicknamed 'The Hobbit,' because it was rather small."

      "Graphic artists, working with the team, have pictured the hobbit. It's clearly not a dwarf, or a pygmy, but a 3-foot tall species of humans. Hobbs, who worked as a consultant with 60 Minutes on the story, believes they may have had a rudimentary form of language."

      "He says it's astounding because the Hobbit’s brain was a third the size of one of ours. And scientists had always used brain size as the most important characteristic separating humans from other animals -- that and the ability to use tools and build fires." 06-06

  17. Scientists Worry About Health Risks in Plastic Containers (ABC News)
      "BPA — sometimes indicated by a number 7 on products — is found mostly in strong plastics, such as nondisposable water bottles, baby bottles and in the lining of canned foods."

      "BPA — sometimes indicated by a number 7 on products — is found mostly in strong plastics, such as nondisposable water bottles, baby bottles and in the lining of canned foods."

      "While the Food and Drug Administration and the American Plastics Council insist BPA is safe, an outspoken biology professor and other scientists believe it may bring all kinds of harm — such as cancer, early puberty, obesity and even attention-deficit disorder." 07-06

  18. Scientists

  19. 01-29-07 Scientists Gather to Finalize Report on Global Warming (USA Today)
      "Scientists from around the world gathered Monday in Paris to finalize a long-awaited, authoritative report on climate change, expected to give a grim warning of rising temperatures and sea levels worldwide." 01-07

  20. Report: Scientists Offer Plan to Combat Global Warming (
      "To head off the worst of climate change, governments must pour tens of billions of dollars more than they are into clean-energy research and enforce sharp rollbacks in fossil-fuel emissions, an expert scientific panel reported to the United Nations on Tuesday." 02-07

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