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  1. French Lessons and Culture ( - Lawless)
      Provides French lessons, grammar, punctuation, and more on the language. Also presents the French culture. 4-00

  2. Good News on America's Education Report Card (CBS News)
      "The National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as the nation's report card, charts student achievement and how it changes. It is the latter measure — changes since the last writing test in 1998 — that offers some good news, results released Thursday show."

      "Students in fourth and eighth grade showed significant strides in being able to handle challenging writing assignments and applying knowledge to real-life situations."

      "Even the signs of improvement must be considered in context: Most students in the three benchmark grades still can't provide coherent answers with clear language, supporting details, accurate punctuation and creative thinking." 7-03

  3. -06-11-10 Editorial: Where Are the Cleanup Crews? (
      "When I looked for the first time at Grand Bess I was shocked. The outer booms had come apart in two different places and in another area, the boom was sinking. The inner soaker boom was totally saturated in oil and needed to be changed. The saturated booms were on the rocks where pelicans were sitting, floating haphazardly or sinking, twisted around, and laying over the outer boom. I looked around me and thought again… Where are the people BP has hired to oversee and maintain this boom? Where are the people they hired because, as far as I could see in every direction, there were at most five boats in the entire bay."

      "There doesn’t seem to be a strong chain of command overseeing the clean up. BP is reactive instead of proactive. They appear overwhelmed and unable to handle the tasks of the day to day clean-up. Someone should have reported the boom and it should have been changed and properly placed around the island."

      Editor's Note: This article is posted on CNN but has not been edited to remove spelling errors, punctuation errors, or other errors. 06-10

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