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  1. Physics Problems (University of Oregon)
      Provides problems, organized by subject and color coded by difficulty level. Also provides indictation of amount of effort required.

  2. Physics Resources

  3. Nobel Prize Winners in Physics (
      Provides a listing.

  4. Physics Constants
      Provides constants. 10-09

  5. Physics and Astronomical Constants
      Provides constants. 10-09

  6. Physics Lessons (TeachNet)
      Includes projects on Magneto-hydrodynamic Drives, Cause and Effect, Field Trips and Simple Physics, Water Displacement, Speed of Sound, Physics 12, and Altering Climate in the Classroom.

      For example, "Everyone knows that a weight suspended by a string and taped to the ceiling of the bus will appear to swing backward as the bus speeds up, and forward as it decelerates, due to inertia. Also take along a helium-filled balloon on a string to tie to a seat or fasten to the floor." The balloon will do the opposite. Explain. 10-09

  7. Physics Resources (Science Educators Web Resources Supersite)
      Provides 6 annotated resources in physics.

  8. Waves (The Physics Department)
      Explains basic concepts associated with waves.

  9. Physics

  10. Particle Physics Timeline (Lafo)
      Provides a description of key discoveries. Although it is written and illustrated by high school students, under the guidance of Lafo, the explanations are somewhat technical and above the reading level of many high school students. The timeline stops in 1995, leaving out the discovery of the Tau Neutrino. 7-00

  11. Particle Physics - Introduction (Bradley)
      Provides a description of key particles and forces that physicists believe are the building blocks of the universe. 7-00

  12. Particle Physics - Glossary of Terms (Bradley)
      Provides a description of key particles and forces that physicists believe are the building blocks of the universe. 7-00

  13. History of Physics (American Institute of Physics)
      Provides a short history of some of the key discoveries of physics. 7-00

  14. Physics Nobel Laureates Since 1981(Nobel Foundation)
      Provides short autobiographies of the Nobel laureates in physics since 1981. 9-00

  15. Amusement Park Physics (
      Describes the physics of several amusement park rides and allows you to design and build those rides online. Includes the roller coaster, carousel, bumper cars, free fall, and the pendulum 8-01

  16. Chemistry and Physics Projects (MicroWorlds)
      Provides eleven projects, using household materials. 12-02

  17. Particle Physics

  18. Glossary for Physics (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Nuclear Science Division)
      Provides a basic introduction to physics. 7-04

  19. Physics (
      Provides articles in 42 subcategories. 10-04

  20. Transparent Aluminum Breakthrough (
      "Scientists in the US have developed a novel technique to make bulk quantities of glass from alumina for the first time." 11-04

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