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  1. Peruvian Mummies ( - NOVA)

  2. Peruvians Wants Machu Picchu Artifacts Returned (USA Today)
      "The treasures of Machu Picchu, says David Ugarte, regional director of Peru's National Culture Institute, were given to the American explorer 'on loan.' "

      "Peru's battle with Yale is not unique. Since 1820, when Greece demanded the return of the Elgin Marbles from the British Museum, countries of origin have steadily gotten more assertive about retrieving their heritage."

  3. Peruvian Artifacts Recovered (
      "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents recovered and seized 322 pre-Columbian Peruvian artifacts this week after a two-month joint investigation between ICE and the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO)."

      "The pre-Columbian era refers to a period preceding the exploration of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. The artifacts date as far back as 1500 B.C."

  4. Mountain Climbing in Peru (
      "Without a doubt the best place for mountaineering in Peru is the spectacular Cordillera Blanca which is accessed from the town of Huaraz. There are plenty of peaks over 5,000m and an incredible 33 peaks over 6,000m including Huascaran which at 6,768m is Peru's highest peak." 12-06

  5. Peru

  6. Rulers by Country - P-R (Schulz)
      Provides a list of leaders by country and date. Palau, Panama, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation (USSR), and Rwanda. leaders, rulers, Presidents, and Prime Ministers 9-00

  7. Pizarro, Francisco (
      Provides a biography of the explorer and conquistador. The Spaniard invaded Peru and defeated the leader of the Inca Empire. Visitors sometimes misspell as Pizaro, Pizzaro, Pizzarro, Pezaro, or Pezzarro. Visitors sometimes misspell conquistador as conquestador, conquestadore, conquistadore, or concistador. 5-01

  8. Mountains of the World (Wenzel)
      Provides pictures and information on mountains that allow exploration by walking, including Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mount Ararat (Turkey), Mont Blanc (France), Ras Dashen (Ethiopia), Mount Kinabalu (Sabah), Mount Cameroon (Cameroon), Mount Fuji (Japan), Pico de Teide (Canary Islands, Spain), Mount Etna (Italy), Qornat es-Sawda (Lebanon), Musala (Bulgaria), Jabal Katrina (Egypt), Huayna Picchu (Peru), Pico (Azores, Portugal), Hekla (Iceland), Ben Nevis (Scotland), Snowdon (Wales), Scafell Pike (England), Bénara (Mayotte), and Christoffelberg (Curaçao). 7-01

  9. Ancient Incas

  10. Conservationist Wins Gold Award (BBC News)
      "A conservationist who has spent 25 years trying to protect Peru's marine wildlife has won a top UK environment prize, the Whitley Gold Award."

      "Patricia Majluf researched and then campaigned against the impact of anchovy fishing off the Peruvian coast."

      "High catches have affected dolphins, sealions and birds such as pelicans." 05-06

  11. -08-16-07 The Growing Role of China in the World (US News)
      "After years focusing on its own economy, China has begun to go global in influence as well as economics. With growing interests around the globe—from mines in Peru to peacekeepers across Africa to pipelines into Central Asia—China is finding it can no longer live by its doctrine of "nonintervention." In Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East, China is beginning to use its influence in ways that may prove problematic for the United States." 08-07

  12. Why Hydrogen-Based Fuel Cells Are Not Plausible for Near Future (
      "As anyone may discern from the briefest perusal of this Website, we believe that the peak of conventional oil production is likely within a few years, and that production from conventional natural gas resources may peak soon after. In as much as most hydrogen is produced from natural gas, and because production from renewables is very costly, fossil fuel scarcities will not prompt a widespread switch to hydrogen fuel in the near or mid term." 02-08

  13. South America - Travel Information by Location (
      Provides information on dining, where to stay, and interesting things to see. Search by city, state, or country. Includes Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Easter Island, Colombia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. 3-02

  14. Pictures of Famous Places (
      Provides pictures of many of the tourist spots. 5-02

  15. Spanish Newspapers (
      Provides news. 02-06

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