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  1. Internet Public Library: Health and Nutrition 12-04

  2. Food Safety and Nutrition (International Food Information Council Foundation) 9-01

  3. Nutrition Links (CSPI)

  4. Nutrition Quizzes (CSPI)

  5. Nutrition Lessons (Awesome Library)
      Nutrition lessons are provided under Health in "Lessons and Curricula" in the Awesome Library.

  6. Healthy Diet and Nutrition Search (Mayo Foundation)
      Provides a search engine for Mayo Clinic articles.

  7. Nutritional Data (CNN)
      Provides nutritional data by food group. 2-00

  8. Basic Nutrition Information (Education World)
      Provides sources of information on basic nutrition, such as the food pyramid. 3-00

  9. Nutrition Quiz (Nutrition Sleuth)
      Provides information on a meal and you decide what is missing. 3-00

  10. Nutrition Lessons (National Dairy Council)
      Provides lessons and activities to help younger children enjoy learning about nutrition. 3-00

  11. Rainforests - The Value (Raintree Nutrition)
      Provides a description of the benefits of rainforests. 12-00

  12. Nutrition News (Center for Science in the Public Interest -
      Provides news and fact sheets regarding healthy nutrition. 2-02

  13. Ten Nutrition Myths (Center for Science in the Public Interest -
      Provides 10 beliefs about nutrition that are not completely true. 1-05

  14. Hints for Better Nutrition at School (CBS News)
      "The CSPI's nutrition policy director says schools that have made the switch prove it's not true that kids will only eat junk -- they just need to be offered healthier choices." 11-03

  15. -Nutrition Information (eLook.ogr)
      Provides an easy-to-use directory of foods for finding nutritional information. 9-04

  16. Nutrition for Better Sleep (MSNBC)
      "Nutritionist Joy Bauer visited 'Today' to discuss foods that can help you sleep and to suggest ways you can get a longer, more restful night's sleep." 9-05

  17. Fast Food and Nutrition (Think Quest)
      Provides information and quizzes related to the nutritional value of fast foods. 3-00

  18. Nutritional Value of Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables (
      Provides the RDA. 12-09

  19. Study: Over 90% of Chain Restaurant Entrees Fail on Nutrition (USA Today)
      "If you plan to chow down tonight at a big chain restaurant, there's a better than nine-in-10 chance that your entree will fail to meet federal nutrition recommendations for both adults and kids, according to a provocative new study."

      "A whopping 96% of main entrees sold at top U.S. chain eateries exceed daily limits for calories, sodium, fat and saturated fat recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, reports the 18-month study conducted by the Rand Corp. and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 05-12

  20. Diets (Within Nutrition)

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