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  1. New Mexico Museum of Natural History 11-00

  2. Cinco de Mayo History (Inside Mexico - Herz)
      Provides a history for the Mexican holiday, as well as a description of the celebration.

  3. Cinco de Mayo Battle (Inside Mexico - Galicia)
      Provides a short history and an interview with the organizer of a reinactment of the battle, Fidel Rodriguez. Discusses the importance of Cinco de Mayo.

  4. Mexico Newsletter (Inside Mexico)
      Provides educational articles, games, art, culture, music for teachers and students on topics related to Mexican history and culture.

  5. Mexico

  6. Ancient Aztecs - Steam Baths (Mexicolore)
      "Almost every dwelling had its bath-house, a little hemispherical building shaped rather like an igloo with a low doorway." 8-05

  7. -03-15-06 Mexico Makes "Huge" Oil Find (BBC News)
      "Mexican President Vicente Fox has announced the discovery of a new deep-water oil field, which is believed to contain 10bn barrels of crude."

      "With at least 3.4m barrels per day, Mexico is Latin America's largest crude producer ahead of Venezuela and Brazil, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA)."

      "The oil industry provides one third of the Mexican state income. More than half the crude extracted is exported, mainly to the United States." 03-06

  8. -News of Mexico in Spanish (Google News)
      Provides news in Spanish.

  9. -07-09-06 Obrador to Charge Fraud in Election Results in Mexico (
      "Lopez Obrador told the huge crowd he would present allegations of fraud to the nation's electoral court today and request that every one of more than 41 (m) million votes be recounted." 07-06

  10. -09-16-06 Category 3 Hurricane Strikes Mexico (Fox News)
      "Powerful Hurricane Lane slammed into a sparsely populated stretch of Mexico's Pacific coast south of the city of Culiacan on Saturday after battering the resort of Mazatlan with strong winds and rain." 09-06

  11. 09-16-06 Obrador to Set up a Parallel Government in Mexico (CBS News)
      "Hundreds of thousands of supporters of leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador elected him the leader of a parallel government that plans to spend the next six years trying to keep President-elect Felipe Calderon from governing." 09-06

  12. -04-22-07 Albuquerque Journal: Senator Asked Bush to Fire New Mexico Attorney General (Albuquerque Journal)
      "Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias was fired after Sen. Pete Domenici, who had been unhappy with Iglesias for some time, made a personal appeal to the White House, the Journal has learned."

      "Domenici had complained about Iglesias before, at one point going to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before taking his request to the president as a last resort."

      "In the spring of 2006, Domenici told Gonzales he wanted Iglesias out."

      "Gonzales refused. He told Domenici he would fire Iglesias only on orders from the president." 04-07

  13. -04-24-09 Swine Flu in U.S. and Mexico Match (CNN News)
      "U.S. health officials expressed concern Friday that a swine flu virus that has infected eight people in the United States matches samples of a virus that has killed at least 68 people in Mexico."

      "Sixty-eight people have died in Mexico City, Cordova said at a news conference. More than 1,000 other people have gotten sick...." 04-09

  14. -04-26-09 Swine Flu Kills 81 in Mexico (CNN News)
      "No kissing to say hello. No large crowds. No close contact."

      "That's the advice of the Mexican government as more and more people die of swine flu, which has turned into a 'public health emergency of international concern,' according to the World Health Organization." 04-09

  15. -04-30-09 Mexico Closes Down (
      "Mexico is telling citizens to stay home, urging businesses to close for five days and suspending government services as the World Health Organization warns the swine flu outbreak is on the brink of becoming a global epidemic." 04-09

  16. Amount of Oil Spilling in the Gulf of Mexico (MSNBC News)
      Provides a graphic to show how much oil has spilled. 05-10

  17. U.S.-Mexico War and the Palo Alto Battlefield (
      "On May 8, 1846 troops of the United States and Mexico clashed on the prairie of Palo Alto. The battle was the first in a two-year long conflict that changed the map of North America. Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park preserves the site of this notable battle and provides an understanding of the causes, events, and consequences of the first war between independent Republics." 06-11

  18. -11-04-13 Nuclear Waste Stolen in Mexico (CBS News)
      "Mexico's nuclear safety agency has appealed to the public for help locating a truck stolen near the capital while transporting potentially dangerous radioactive medical waste." 12-13

  19. New Mexico (Yahoo)
      Provides a list of cities with city guides. 11-01

  20. New Mexico Schools on the Net (Yahoo)
      Provides schools on the Net by grade level, state, and then city. 11-01

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