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  1. Letters of the Civil War (
      Provides letters from soldiers to their families. 7-00

  2. Arabic Letters (Islam 101)
      Provides the Arabic alphabet and is designed for Muslims. 9-01

  3. Letters, Diaries, and Memories of the Civil War ( - Groves)
      Provides copies of letters, diaries, memoires, recollections, and biographies related to Terry's Texas Rangers during the Civil War of the United States of America. 8-02

  4. Letters to the Editor (
      Provides a "Letter to the Editor" form for sending to various national newspapers. 3-05

  5. -04-25-09 Important Find of Benjamin Franklin's Letters (CNN News)
      "An American professor doing research in London stumbled across a series of previously unknown letters written by, to, and about Benjamin Franklin, a stunning find that sheds new light on early U.S. history."

      "The letters cover Franklin's success in dealing with British Gen. Edward Braddock, who had been sent to Pennsylvania in 1755 to defeat the French at Fort Duquesne, in modern-day Pittsburgh." 04-09

  6. -03-15-15 Letters on Iran Nuclear Pact (
      Includes a letter from White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker "warning Congress to hold off on legislation that may interfere with a final agreement on Iranís nuclear program." Also includes a letter from Republicans in the U.S. Senate to leaders in Iran, warning them not to trust any agreement being negotiated with the United States unless it is approved by Congress.

      Editor's Note: Senate Republicans have also made it clear that they do not want the Obama administration to negotiate an agreement with Iran. 3-15

  7. Go Back and Find Your City by Selecting Letters (Example- "A B C" for Albany)

  8. Go Back and Find Your State by Selecting Letters (Example- "A B C" for Alaska)

  9. American Civil War Home Page
      Includes letters, documents and battles related to the Civil War.

  10. Hybrid Gas and Electric Autos (Toyota)
      Provides information on the new Prius, a car that runs on a combination of gas and electricity. The EPA claims that this family size car gets 55 miles per gallon. The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) option is recommended for maximum control during adverse conditions. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but only provides it as an example. See "Tax Break Update" at lower left for certification letters to qualify for up to a $2,000 tax deduction. 12-04

  11. Civil War Resources (
      Provides photos, battles, maps, letters, diaries, and other details of the Civl War in the USA. 7-00

  12. Van Gogh, Vincent - Paintings (Brooks)
      Provides over 3,000 graphics by Van Gogh, including paintings, drawings, watercolors (watercolours), and letter sketches. Includes over 850 letters by Van Gogh and a biography. 9-00

  13. Original Sources on the Civil War - Two Communities (University of Virginia Research Project - Ayers)
      Provides original sources of information, such as newspapers, letters, diaries, wills, battle maps, images, and more, to study the beliefs and issues in Augusta and Franklin counties in Virginia during the American Civil War era. The project is called "The Valley of the Shadow." 2-01

  14. Helping Your Children Cope in a Time of Crisis and Fear (FamilyEducation - Abel)
      Provides suggestions on what to say to children by grade level. For example, it is good for older children to be able to participate in helping in some way, such as writing letters of condolence to families of victims. 9-01

  15. Cicero, M. Tullius (Tufts University, Pereus Project - Shuckburgh)
      Provides a biography and letters written by Cicero. 7-02

  16. What Corporate Money Buys in Government (PBS NOW - Moyers)
      "On March 2002 the U.S. Senate passed the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, commonly known as the McCain-Feingold Bill. It's the biggest reform of the nation's campaign finance system since the days of Watergate. Its highlight: a total ban on the large, unregulated donations to the national Republican and Democratic parties known as soft money." Some have sued to stop this legislation and this has, in turn, revealed immense corporate power in government, purchased by corporations.

      "Internal documents from the Republican and Democratic parties ó including personal letters and emails which show party officials routinely discussing policy issues and offering access to elected officials in obtaining large contributions. About 100 pages of those documents have been released so far. Many more remain secret because of the objections of some of those named in the case. But even the few that are available have been enough to cause a stir." 2-02

  17. U.S. and Britain Provided Fake Evidence of Nuclear Efforts by Iraq (United Press International)
      "Some evidence linking Iraq to a nuclear weapons program appears to have been fabricated, the Washington Post reported Saturday. The faked evidence was described as a series of letters between Iraqi agents and officials in Niger."

      "The correspondence was deemed 'not authentic' after careful scrutiny by U.N. and independent experts, Mohamed ElBaradei, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, told the U.N. Security Council."

      "The documents had been given to the U.N. inspectors by Britain and reviewed extensively by U.S. intelligence. The forgers had made relatively crude errors that eventually gave them away -- including names and titles that did not match up with the individuals who held office at the time the letters were purportedly written, the Post report said."

      " 'We fell for it,' said one U.S. official who reviewed the documents." 3-03

  18. Pope John Paul II - Comprehensive Biographical Resources (The Vatican)
      Provides information on his works, letters, travels, and more." 4-05

  19. Writing to the Media - Contacts (
      Provides information for writing letters to the editors and other media campaigns.

  20. -12-18-05 Testing Wartime Limits (MSNBC News)
      "In his four-year campaign against al Qaeda, President Bush has turned the U.S. national security apparatus inward to secretly collect information on American citizens on a scale unmatched since the intelligence reforms of the 1970s."

      "The Post reported that the FBI has issued tens of thousands of national security letters, extending the bureau's reach as never before into the telephone calls, correspondence and financial lives of ordinary Americans. Most of the U.S. residents and citizens whose records were screened, the FBI acknowledged, were not suspected of wrongdoing."

      "The burgeoning use of national security letters coincided with an unannounced decision to deposit all the information they yield into government data banks -- and to share those private records widely, in the federal government and beyond. In late 2003, the Bush administration reversed a long-standing policy requiring agents to destroy their files on innocent American citizens, companies and residents when investigations closed." 12-05

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