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  1. -06-17-05 Iranians Electing New President (CNN News)
      "Surveys show former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is likely headed toward a runoff against either a reformist candidate or a conservative allied with the country's powerful Shiite hierarchy."

      "Seven candidates are vying to succeed President Mohammed Khatami, a reform-minded cleric barred from seeking a third term."

      "Although Khatami was elected by landslides in 1997 and 2001, many of his initiatives were blocked by clerical hard-liners who hold vast power under Iran's Islamic system of government."

      "With high unemployment and a sense of deep social dissatisfaction -- particularly among young people and women -- even conservative candidates talked the language of democracy and reform during the campaign. 6-05

  2. -10-08-05 More than 18 Thousand Die from S. Asia Quake (CBS News)
      "A huge earthquake triggered landslides, toppled an apartment building and flattened villages of mud-brick homes Saturday, killing more than 18,000 people across a mountainous swath touching Pakistan, India and Afghanistan." 10-05

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