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  1. Islamic Architecture in Isfahan (Rochford)
      "Isfahan (pron. esfahaan) has been designated by UNESCO as a world heritage. It contains a wide range of Islamic Architectural styles ranging from the 11th century (C.E.) to the 19th. This archive contains photographs and descriptions of some of the most interesting and unusual ones." 09-09

  2. Early Islam

  3. Islamic Texts (HADI, Inc) 2-00

  4. Islam (Information Please) Muslim or Moslem
      Includes information on the Qur'an, sometimes misspelled by visitors as Koran, and the Sunnah. Muslim is sometimes spelled Moslem or misspelled by visitors as Muslem, Muzlem, or Muzlim. 9-01

  5. Islam and Geometric Shapes (Asia Society - Norman)
      Provides a study of Islam through geometric shapes. 5-00.

  6. Islam

  7. Islam Hadith (Information Please)
      Hadith is "a tradition or the collection of the traditions of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, including his sayings and deeds, and his tacit approval of what was said or done in his presence." Also transliterated Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammed, and sometimes Mahomet. 9-01

  8. Islam and Stereotypes (Social Studies School Service)
      Provides a lesson on stereotypes with Islam as the example. 9-01

  9. Holy Quran Text (Islam 101 - Ali, Translator)
      Provides an English translation of the Quran or Koran, sometimes spelled Qur'an. 9-01

  10. Arabic Letters (Islam 101)
      Provides the Arabic alphabet and is designed for Muslims. 9-01

  11. Jihad and Violence ( star
      Provides textual answers on what the Qur'an and Hadith have to say about jihad and violence. Terrorists have said that Islam provides justification for their violence. On the contrary, Islam clearly rejects violence against innocent civilians. In fact, Islamic texts strongly reject trying to force anyone to become a Muslim. 10-01

  12. Women's Rights in Islam (
      Provides a summary of women's right as presented in the Qur'an and Hadith. Examples of rights include "the right and duty to obtain education, the right to have their own independent property, the right to work to earn money if they need it or want it, equality of reward for equal deeds, the right to participate fully in public life and have their voices heard by those in power," and much more. Editor's Note - The rights of women in Islam are in stark contrast to the limitations of women's rights made--in the name of Islam--by the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

  13. Women's Rights in Islam Compared to Political Oppression ( - Shorish-Shamley)
      Uses texts of Qur'an and Hadiths to declare that women are equal to men in Islam. Loss of women's rights, the author argues, comes from ancient traditions and ignorance, not the teachings of Islam.

  14. Islam - Introduction (Muslims Against Terrorism - Soharwardy)
      Provides an introduction to Islam for Westerners. 11-01

  15. Isra and Miraj (Council on American-Islamic Relations)
      "On October 14, Muslims worldwide will mark 'Isra and Miraj,' the Prophet Muhammad's night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, and from the rock now located in the Dome of the Rock, to heaven." Also transliterated Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammed, and sometimes Mahomet.10-01

  16. American Muslims and Islam (Council on American-Islamic Relations)
      Provides a short summary of the teachings of Islam. Also corrects misunderstandings about "jihad" and the rights of women in Islam. "If a particular society oppresses women, it does so in spite of Islam, not because of it." 10-01

  17. Terrorists Hijacked Islam (Independent - Yusuf Islam)
      Provides examples from the Koran that show that the September 11th terrorists "hijacked" Islam. Also called 911, 9-11, or 9/11. 10-01

  18. Islam's Silent Majority Needs To Speak Up Now (Christian Science Monitor - Ford)
      Discusses the failure of the large majority of Muslims to speak out forcefully against extremism in Islam. Mattson states, "who has the greatest duty to stop violence committed by Muslims against innocent non-Muslims in the name of Islam?" "The answer, obviously is Muslims."11-01

  19. Islam Articles (
      Provides articles and questions and answers on key issues related to Islam. 11-01

  20. Islamic Jihad (BBC News - Asser)
      Provides a history of the development of the international terrorist group that operates heavily in Israel. "Israel is considered - along with pro-Western, secular Arab regimes - as a manifestation of Western imperialism in the Islamic lands. Going into battle against it is therefore the first step to fulfilling the goals of Islam." 11-01

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