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  1. Food Safety and Nutrition (International Food Information Council Foundation) 9-01

  2. CNN International Sports (CNN and Sports Illustrated)
      Provides sports news.

  3. Aboriginal Links International

  4. -Citations - Electronic Citations Resources (International Federation of Library Associations) star
      Provides annotated listings of sources of information on citations, including electronic citations. (IFLA) 9-05

  5. Foursquare - International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (Yahoo)

  6. -Email Groups (L-Soft International, Inc. - NetPals)
      Provides LISTSERV services for free to the international school community. You set up an account (free) and then go to a Web page and enter email addresses to create a group. Individuals within the group can then send one message that will go to all members of the group. For example, all teachers in a school could be a group, all teachers of a certain grade level could be a group, or all teachers of a subject could be a group. Perhaps all teachers of a subject and grade level within a city could be a group. Very nice. 9-05

  7. Table Tennis (International Tabletennis Federation)
      Provides international news on table tennis (table-tennis).

  8. Wolves (International Wolf Center)
      Provides information for studying and managing wolf populations.

  9. Ballet Resources (USA International Ballet Competition)
      Provides news, brief articles and photos of leading dances by country, a listing of awards from 1979 to 1998, links related to specific ballets, and more.

  10. Volunteering - International Opportunities
      The Directory on International Voluntary Services provides hundreds on sources of information. 07-06

  11. Conversations with History (UC Berkeley - Institute of International Studies)
      Provides Provides transcripts of interviews of key international figures regarding key world developments. The interviews are conducted by Harry Kreisler. 8-99

  12. International Affairs Resources (WWW Virtual Library - Selcher)
      Provides over 2200 carefully selected, annotated links in 37 international affairs categories. 2-02

  13. Diversity Inclusion Resources (Diversity Training University International)
      Provides over a dozen resources. 4-00

  14. Dyslexia and Math (WETA - International Dyslexia Association)
      Describes dyslexia as it applies to math and makes a distinction between dyslexia and dyscalculia, trouble with calculating.

  15. Meir, Golda (Women's International Center)
      Provides a biography of the former Prime Minister of Israel. 6-00

  16. Keller, Helen (Helen Keller International)
      Provides a rather complete biography. 8-00.

  17. Four Square (International Church of the Four Square Gospel)
      Provides the official Four Square Website. 12-04

  18. Human Rights News (Amnesty International)
      Investigates violations of human rights globally.

  19. Election 2000 - International Elections Expert Comments (CNN)
      Provides an interview with an expert from the Carter Center, an organization that monitors and assists with ensuring fair and democratic elections globally. Costello states that ballot design can affect the vote. A person may intend to vote one way but, because of a misleading ballot, vote a different way. In such cases, he says, the outcome of the election would not reflect the choice of the people. Costello states that the Carter Center staff work hard to ensure that the ballot design is fair. 11-00

  20. Alternative Energy Resources (Solar Energy International)
      Provides organizations, events, and news sources related to sustainable energy sources that are alternatives to fossil fuels.

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