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  1. Ice Hockey Hand Signals (Instructional Spectator Guidebooks)
      Provides the meaning of each of the key hand signals. 10-99

  2. Ice Hockey Terms and Phrases (Instructional Spectator Guidebooks)
      Provides a glossary of terms and phrases to better understand the game. 10-99

  3. Hockey Skills (Exploratorium)
      Provides information on the science of hockey. 5-01

  4. Boy Kicked Off of Girls' Field Hockey Team (CBS News)
      "A 13-year-old New York boy who played field hockey growing up in Ireland has been told that after two years as a member of the Southampton High School girls' team, he is now too skilled to qualify for an exemption allowing him to compete with and against girls next season." 05-12

  5. Hockey into their 80's (CNN News)
      "At age 80, Lewis' team now is the the Quincy Bald Eagles, a group of senior players who meet three times a week at a local ice arena outside Boston, Massachusetts." 06-09

  6. Sports Links (Justwright)
      Provides sources of information for ball sports, including American football, Australian rules football , baseball, basketball, badminton, bowls, cricket, croquet, football (soccer), gaelic football, golf, handball, hurling, field hockey, ice hockey, korfball, lacrosse, polo, roller hockey, rugby, snooker, softball, squash, table tennis, tennis, torball, and volleyball. Also provides links for water sports, including canoeing, canoe polo, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, surfing and wind surfing, rowing, swimming, water skiing, and water polo.

  7. Sports Concussions a Growing Concern (HealthLink)
      "Many other sports and recreational activities, including wrestling, hockey, soccer (from head collisions), snowboarding and in-line skating, can also result in concussions. Even whiplash can cause a concussion. Altogether, about 300,000 traumatic brain injuries occur each year in sports and recreation in the United States."

      "Several National Football League players (notably, quarterbacks Troy Aikman and Steve Young) retired after suffering several concussions during their careers. Multiple concussions suffered over a period of months or years increases the risk of permanent brain damage and post-concussion syndrome, in which neurological or cognitive problems become chronic. Even mild concussions occurring within hours, days or weeks of each other can result in 'second impact syndrome,' which can be fatal. As a result, coaches and trainers are showing an increased sensitivity to the effects of concussions on their players." 03-09

  8. Sports and Exercise After 40 (MSNBC News)
      "Competitive sports no longer are reserved for the young, and there are plenty of geezers who still have game. And we're not talking mall walking, shuffleboard and golf. A recent issue of GeezerJock magazine, devoted to competitive athletics for people over 40, had articles on the Senior Olympic Hockey Championships, 50-year-old rugby players and the Ironman Triathlon." 11-05

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