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  1. Hinduism

  2. Hinduism Resources (
      Provides dozens of resources on Hinduism. 7-02

  3. Hindus and Hinduism

  4. Bhagavad Gita in Hindi (
      Provides the holy text of Hinduism in Hindi. 6-02

  5. Honor Killings (CBS New)
      "The statistics are startling. According to the United Nations, an estimated 5,000 women worldwide are murdered each year in the name of honor."

      "Although the majority of victims are Muslim, Sanghera -- an author and survivor -- insists honor violence is not sanctioned by any religion."

      " 'Nowhere in Islam, Sikhism or Hinduism, in any of the major faiths, does it say, 'This is acceptable,' Sanghera said. 'Honor is man made. It's an oppressive cultural practice.' " 04-12

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