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  1. Camping and Hiking (
      Provides a comprehensive guide. 1-01

  2. Hiking

  3. Hiking and Camping (
      Provides comprehensive guides for camping and hiking. 2-02

  4. Maps of Trails in the USA and England (
      Provides maps of trails in the USA and the United Kingdom, especially England. Includes a few pictures from the trails. 2-02

  5. Saving Forests

  6. Ecology

  7. Camping

  8. Backpacking in Winter (
      "Since a lot of folks consider hiking and backpacking to be a three-season activity, I thought it might be helpful to create this Winter Hiking, Winter Backpacking & Snowshoeing page." 6-05

  9. Backpacking Ultralight (
      "Whether ultralight backpacking, ultralite hiking, backpacking ultralight, backpacking lightweight, fastpacking ultralight or whatever -- one thing is clear and common -- find ways to Reduce Backpack Weight!"

      "This page features ultralight hiking and backpacking types of information and dialogue, particularly related to long-distance and multi-day travel in the backcountry." 6-05

  10. Backpacking

  11. Mountaineering (
      "Mountaineering is the sport, hobby or profession of walking, hiking and climbing up mountains. It is also sometimes known as alpinism, particularly in Europe. It may be said to consist of three aspects: rock-craft, snow-craft and skiing, depending on whether the route chosen is over rock, snow or ice. All require great athletic and technical ability, and experience is also a very important part of the latter." 12-06

  12. Making Tracks Trail Guides (
      "The Making TRACKS project is developing a permanent collection of hiking trails throughout the United States with a comprehensive list of common species found on each."

      "We hope to enhance hiking trails by making them into educational nature trails for beginning naturalists, families and schools. Our goal is to foster a deeper appreciation of the natural world and strengthen conservation awareness."

      "Making TRACKS provides downloadable nature guides and species lists for each trail, as well as resources for schools to make their own educational nature trails on school grounds or in nearby communities."

  13. Responding to a Bear Attack (CNN News)
      " 'That nanosecond before the bear hits you we recommend dropping to the ground and playing dead,' he said. 'Put your hands behind your neck so your elbows are protecting the sides of your face. Bears bite to the head and face a lot. By going passive usually they'll let you alone.' "

      " 'People shouldn't fear bears,' he said. 'They should respect them.' Respecting bears, Gunther said, means traveling in large hiking parties, leaving an area where bears are and carrying bear spray, a supersized can of pepper spray to ward off attacks."07-11

  14. -01-18-15 President Obama Proposes Closing Tax Loopholes (Huffington Post)
      "During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Barack Obama will lay out a plan to extend tax credits to the middle class by hiking taxes on wealthier Americans and big banks, according to senior administration officials."

      "Under the plan, the capital gains tax for couples with income over $500,000 per year would be raised from its current level of 23.8 percent up to 28. The plan would also strip a tax break, known as a 'step-up,' that allows heirs to avoid capital gains taxes on large inheritances." 01-15

  15. Guinea, the Republic of (
      "Guinea’s landscape is spectacular. The country has some of the world’s few remaining tropical dry forests, and the rainforests that remain in the south are lush and verdant and full of wildlife. The waterfall-rich Fouta Djalon Plateau in the west has breathtaking scenery and some of the best hiking in West Africa. Guinea is not well endowed with beaches, but those it has are superb; and often empty. It's capital, Conarky, while not heavy on the must-sees, has a vibrant nightlife and is safer than most other West African capitals." 03-09

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