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  1. Halloween Cards (Card4You)
      Provides cards.

  2. Halloween History (Petro)
      Provides the religious and secular history of Halloween.

  3. Halloween (Kid's Domain)
      Provides information and activities for children related to Halloween.

  4. Halloween Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides dozens of worksheets to help children have a better understanding of the holiday. Visitors sometimes misspell as haloween, halowene, halowen, or hallowene. 8-01

  5. History of Halloween (Aristotle)
      Provides a short history of the celebration of Halloween, going back 2000 years.

  6. Halloween Worksheets (
      Provides worksheets, puzzles, and word finds related to Halloween. 10-01

  7. Halloween Tips and Projects (
      Provides projects, including Halloween safety.

  8. Safety Tips for Halloween (
      Provides safety tips for yard haunts, pets, costumes, parties, and more. 10-02

  9. Halloween Crafts (
      Provides a skeleton, witch, and haunted house for decoration.

  10. Halloween Coloring Book (
      Provides over a dozen pictures for coloring. 10-02

  11. History of Halloween (
      Provides a history of the celebration of Halloween.

  12. History of Halloween (
      "Halloween is a tradition celebrated on the night of October 31, most notably by children dressing in costumes and going door-to-door collecting sweets, fruit, and other treats. It is celebrated in parts of the Western world, most commonly in the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Puerto Rico, and with increasing popularity in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Philippines."

  13. History of Halloween and Related Traditions (
      "All around the world, cities and towns have accepted the concept of trick or treating, which is also called 'beggars night' in other parts around the globe. Another normal Halloween practice is dressing up in scary costumes and masks. Still other practices in Halloween include carving pumpkins, scaring people and eating candy. Yet most people are not aware of the real origin of Halloween."

  14. Halloween and Pumpkins (
      Suggests lessons and projects.

  15. History of Halloween and Related Traditions (
      "Halloween is known and loved today as a time to wear costumes, go door to door asking for candy, and watch monster movies. But the holiday's origins go back centuries to the enactment of All Saints' Day, a Christian holiday. Along the way, it has also picked up traditions from Samhain, a Celtic festival celebrating the start of winter."

  16. Halloween Projects and Lessons (
      Provides lessons.

  17. Halloween Traditions in Different Countries (
      "Halloween is a big deal in the United States, but we aren’t the first or only country to have a day celebrating all things spooky. ” 11-11

  18. Clipart for the Holidays (
      Provides a few free clipart samples for several holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Year's Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, and Independence Day.

  19. Patriotic Costume Ideas (
      Provides patriotic costumes ideas that children can use for Halloween. 10-01

  20. Editorial - Scare Tactics from Both Sides (MSNBC News - Alter)
      "It's fright night in the 2004 presidential campaign—Halloween come early. President Bush says you'll be taxed into poverty, then blown up by a terrorist if you vote for John Kerry, while Kerry says that voting for Bush means retiring on cat food, if you survive a back-alley abortion and being drafted to fight in the Middle East."

      "But it's the job of the news media and what one Bush aide dismissively calls the 'reality-based community' to parse the claims and connect them to how each man might actually govern. Just repeating that 'both sides are using scare tactics' doesn't tell us which ones are closer to the mark."

      "Bush's major assault is on Kerry's ability to defend us from terrorism. On this score, the president is—how to put this delicately?—lying. He keeps saying on the stump that Kerry won't hit terrorists until they hit us and would apply a 'global test' before intervening. This is a clear and deliberate misrepresentation of what Kerry actually said."

      "The irony of Bush's 'wolf ad' (featuring pictures of scary wolves as the announcer talks about Kerry's weakness on defense) is that it's the president who has a wolf problem. The greatest single consequence of the botched war in Iraq is that the next time trouble arises somewhere in the world, our allies won't believe U.S. intelligence about an 'imminent threat.' With a toxic combination of arrogance and incompetence, Bush has become the boy who cried wolf."

      "This year Kerry is actually right that Bush's plan to privatize a portion of Social Security would eventually lead to at least a trillion-dollar shortfall and huge benefit cuts. But fewer people are listening, which means that Democrats, too, are paying the price for crying wolf. Fortunately, Bush probably wouldn't be able to do much to Social Security. Once the public recognizes that letting younger workers invest their retirement benefits in the stock market means hurting Grandma and Grandpa (under the system, today's workers fund today's elderly), the Bush plan will die." 10-04

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