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  1. Greece - Daily Life in Ancient Greece (Donn)
      Provides information on toys, pets, food, slaves, clothes, and other day-to-day information. 03-06

  2. Greece

  3. Minoan History (
      "The temperate climate of Crete with its short, mild winters and its dry, warm summers, along with the fertility of the Cretan plains produces sufficient food supplies to support an affluent local population, and for exports." 12-06

  4. -12-09-08 Worst Riots in Decades in Greece (CBS News)
      "Riot police fought running battles with mourners Tuesday after the funeral of a teenager whose shooting by officers triggered Greece's worst rioting in decades." 12-08

  5. -04-23-10 Greece Asks for Bailout (
      "Comparing Greece to a sinking ship, Papandreou said he had no choice but to activate the $60 billion aid package agreed on earlier this month by European finance ministers to help his deeply indebted nation stave off default." 04-10

  6. -05-06-10 Violence Continues in Greece (MSNBC News)
      Tensions remain high. 05-10

  7. 06-06-12 Austerity in Greece Making It Harder, Not Easier, for Self-Reliance (New York Times)
      "The budget gap is widening as the so-called troika of lenders — the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission — withholds 1 billion euros in bailout money earmarked for government financing while it waits to see whether new leaders elected June 17 will honor Greece’s commitments."

      "Even if the troika delivers that money, Greece will struggle to cover its obligations. It underscored a harsh reality that is playing out in other troubled euro zone economies. Prolonged austerity is making it harder, not easier, for governments like Greece to become self-reliant again." 06-12

  8. -07-05-15 Greece Votes "No" On Europe's Bailout Offer (CBS News)
      "Voters in Greece sent shockwaves through Europe on Sunday by resoundingly rejecting creditors' demands for more austerity in return for rescue loans. The vote backs Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who insisted a 'no' in a referendum on the offered bailout terms would give him a stronger hand to reach a better deal." 07-15

  9. Ancient Greece

  10. Greece (
      Provides a profile by topic, including Economy, Defense, Geography, Government, People, National Anthem, Lyrics and Related Links. Provides a map and a flag. 6-02

  11. Greece Profile (BBC News)
      "The historical and cultural heritage of Greece continues to resonate throughout the modern Western world - in its literature, art, philosophy and politics." 04-06

  12. Greece Timeline (BBC News)
      Provides a timeline of key events, starting with 1924. 04-06

  13. Greek Life and Times (University of Pennsylvania)
      Provides pictures and a historical narrative regarding daily life, arts, economy, warfare, religion and other aspects of life in ancient Greece.

  14. -Daily Life in Ancient Times (Donn) star
      Provides information on toys, pets, food, jobs, entertainment, transportation, clothes, and other daily life details. Includes ancient China, Egypt, Greece, Rome and India. 03-06

  15. Ancient History (Feig)
      Includes Egypt, Greece and other ancient civilizations. 2-01

  16. Rulers by Country - G-I (Schulz)
      Provides a list of leaders by country and date. Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Iran, Israel, and Italy. leaders, rulers, Presidents, and Prime Ministers 9-00

  17. Ancient Grecian Art (
      Provides nine examples of art from ancient Greece. 3-01

  18. Goths - Last Best Chance to Beat the Goths ( - Bury)
      "In Thessaly, Commander Stilicho and his army faced the Goths under Alaric in the valley of the Peneius. Stilicho had the advantage and could easily have defeated the Goths had Arcadius not ordered him to depart and to send the Eastern troops back to Constantinople."

      "An obedient soldier, Stilicho complied. He left the Eastern troops under the command of a Gothic captain in the imperial army, Gainas, and took his Western troops home with him."

      "Alaric proceeded to lay waste to many cities of Greece." 1-04

  19. Peruvians Wants Machu Picchu Artifacts Returned (USA Today)
      "The treasures of Machu Picchu, says David Ugarte, regional director of Peru's National Culture Institute, were given to the American explorer 'on loan.' "

      "Peru's battle with Yale is not unique. Since 1820, when Greece demanded the return of the Elgin Marbles from the British Museum, countries of origin have steadily gotten more assertive about retrieving their heritage."

  20. History of Olympics (
      "The Olympic Games, or Olympics, is an international multi-sport event taking place every four years and comprising summer and winter games. Originally held in ancient Greece, they were revived by a French nobleman, Pierre Frèdy, Baron de Coubertin in the late 19th century. The Games of the Olympiad, also known as the Summer Olympics, have been held every fourth year since 1896, with the exception of the years during the World Wars." 02-06

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