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  1. Food Safety and Nutrition (International Food Information Council Foundation) 9-01

  2. CNN Food and Health News

  3. Food for Children with Diabetes

  4. Fast Food Facts Search
      Provides information on nutritients by food and fast food restaurant. 09-09

  5. Nutrients in Foods (Nutrient Data Laboratory)
      Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which is available for free. 10-09

  6. History of Recipes and Use of Foods (Morris County Library -Olver)
      Provides a timeline for when certain foods and recipes began to be used. Guess when popcorn or sandwiches started to appear. 1-05

  7. Food and Digestion (How Stuff Works - Brain)
      Find out about food, how it works, why we eat it, and where it comes from.

  8. Hispanic Foods (
      Provides ingredients for Spanish recipes in Spanish. 7-01

  9. By Country - Ethnic Foods (
      Provides sources of recipes. 3-02

  10. By Country - Ethnic Foods (
      Provides over 150,000 recipes. 3-02

  11. Obesity - Food Industry Sued (CBC News)
      "The same lawyers who took on Big Tobacco met this summer in Washington to explore whether similar tactics can be used against the food industry." "And just like tobacco, the lawyers would target junk food advertising and gimmicks directed at children." 8-02

  12. Food Fights (Washington Times)
      "The average consumer craving a Reese's Cup or Big Mac probably isn't aware that his indulgence is at the center of a widening legal battlefield." 10-03

  13. Saving Money When Shopping for Food (Urban Programs Resource Network - Reuter)
      Recommends ways to cut costs when buying food. 11-03

  14. Saving Money When Shopping for Food (
      Recommends ways to cut costs when buying food. 11-03

  15. Saving Money When Shopping for Food (
      Recommends ways to cut costs when buying food. 11-03

  16. Saving Money When Shopping for Food (
      Recommends ways to cut costs when buying food. 11-03

  17. 02-10-04 United Food and Commercial Workers Strike (
      UFCW union strikes against Safeway, Albertson's, and Kroger's in California. 2-04

  18. Food Supplement to Reduce Methane Emissions (
      "Adding a dash of fish oil to animal fodder could help farmers stifle the greenhouse gases wafting from their farmyards, new research shows. Switching animals from regular feed onto a diet of fishy fodder cut the amount of methane in their belches by nearly half."

      "According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, belches from farmyard animals account for around 22 per cent of global emissions of the greenhouse gas methane. Volume for volume, methane traps nearly 20 times as much heat as carbon dioxide, making it a potent contributor to global warming." 9-04

  19. 11-14-04 Investigation: Oil-for-Food Nets Saddam $21 Billion (MSNBC News)
      "Former Iraqi President Saddam Husseinís regime made more than $21.3 billion in illegal revenue by subverting the U.N. oil-for-food program and other sanctions, more than double previous estimates, according to congressional investigators." 11-04

  20. Food Pyramid Revised (New York Times)
      "Newly revised dietary guidelines issued today by the federal government place a stronger emphasis on calorie control and physical activity than past guidelines to help Americans, many of them overweight, maintain good health." 1-05

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