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  1. Weight Management and Physical Fitness (Koop)

  2. Fitness Center

  3. Fitness

  4. Fitness Resources (Fitness Partner Connection)
      Provides links and articles by subject. Also allows searches by keywords.

  5. Fitness Bi-Monthly Articles (Global Health and Fitness - Tackett)
      Provides over 50 articles to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle. 3-02

  6. Fitness Training Programs (Betterbodz)

  7. Fitness Calculators (
      Use these calculators to find the bottom line.

  8. Fitness Related Math Lessons (PE Central)
      Provides almost two dozen lessons. Go to "Search by a Specific Sub-Category and select Math. 10-01

  9. Gym Locator (
      Provides the location of gyms by zip code or city and state. 12-01

  10. Fitness Articles (
      Provides an alphabetic listing of articles by topic. 12-01

  11. Heart - Interpreting Systolic and Dystolic Numbers (
      Provides a simple and clear interpretation of information on blood pressure. 12-01

  12. Family Fitness (MSN Lifestyle)
      "Bryant says parents must take charge to make sure their kids lead an active lifestyle. 'It really has to start at home with the parents serving as good role models,' he says."

      "Couch-potato parents obviously shouldn't expect to have fitness-fanatic kids. Parents who lead an active lifestyle will help instill that behavior in their children. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for evening walks are habits that children can adopt early."

      "Bryant recommends parents spend time each day engaging in age-appropriate physical activities with their kids, such as tag, hopscotch, various sports, bike riding or Frisbee at the park." 11-05

  13. -10-05-07 Fitness Myths (MSNBC News)
      "We've all heard the expression 'No pain, no gain,' but did you know that's actually not true? Author and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak dispels this and some other common fitness myths:" 10-07

  14. Fitness for Seniors (U.S. News)
      "We'll analyze where people are with some basic field tests. Can the person stand on one leg? Can he or she squat? It's a very simple assessment. Then we'll take it from there and build until people are comfortable. I might first just make a target on the floor and say, stand right in the center of that and do a single-leg balance. We might progress to a pad that's an inch off the ground, then, in three or four workouts, be bouncing on the BOSU ball [a piece of equipment that looks like a beach ball cut in half]. That's like play, and that's the goal. We hear the first part of 'working out' and it becomes a turnoff for older folks. They've worked hard all their lives!"

  15. Fitness Balls Recalled (ABC News)
      "People searching for motivation to exercise may have another excuse to sit still: Inflatable fitness balls that might be key to toning your abs also could explode and send you crashing to the floor." 04-09

  16. Fitness Program for Over 40 (U.S. News)
      "You're fully aware that you ought to develop a regular workout routine, you really mean to...and yet life gets away from you, another year goes by, and you still don't exercise. For those who would like to lay the groundwork for a sustainable, lifelong fitness habit, we're here to help with an easy-to-follow 10-week workout routine designed for grown-ups by Vonda Wright, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine and directs PRIMA: the Performance and Research Initiative for Masters Athletes. The workout program, adapted from her book Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at Any Age, will introduce you to the four components of a regular exercise routine, which address flexibility, aerobic fitness, load-carrying exercise, and equilibrium." 04-09

  17. Longevity: Boosting Your Fitness as You Age (U.S. News)
      "In the past couple of years, Bernardes has fine-tuned her diet, figuring out which nutrients she wasn't getting enough of. 'I added twice as much protein as I was eating before,' she says. Breakfast used to be a bowl of oatmeal; now she has protein shakes with fruit. And at lunch and dinner, she focuses on getting in her protein first. That helps her feel better day to day but also helped her avoid weight gain during the winter off-season." 07-09

  18. -Tennis Legends Angry Over USTA Decision on Fitness (Wall Street Journal)
      "The Wall Street Journal reported in Friday’s newspaper that Taylor Townsend, a Chicago native and the No. 1 junior girl tennis player in the world, was benched from tournament play this summer by her coaches at the U.S. Tennis Association because of her fitness. Townsend lost in the quarterfinals of the junior singles tournament Friday afternoon but advanced to the doubles final with her partner, Gabby Andrews."

      "On Friday, the Journal spoke with Lindsay Davenport and Martina Navratilova, two former No. 1 players and Grand Slam champions who struggled with their weight as teenagers and as pros. Davenport and Navratilova were sharply critical of the USTA’s decision." 09-12

  19. Myths About Fitness Routines (
      "Take a second to think about your gym routine (I'll wait). Got it? Now, I bet you feel pretty good about the fitness moves that you’ve incorporated—you’re hitting the big muscle groups, you’re the champion of the weight room, and plus, these moves are so popular that they have to be effective. Right?"

      "Wrong." 03-14

  20. Tennis Fitness Training (Sport Fitness Advisor)
      Provides training tips. 02-13-18

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