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  1. Teacher's Guide to Student-Built Experiments (Exploratorium)
      Provides over a dozen projects. 3-02

  2. Science Experiments for the Family (NASA - Spaceplace)
      Provides 11 activities related to science or the exploration of space. 9-01

  3. Gravity Shielding Experiments (Fusion Information Center - Dart)
      "Although Podkletnov has said that tests ruled out the possibility that the claimed weight loss was the result of magnetic fields or air flow, his statement is suspect." Provides an alternative explanation to the "anti-gravity" effect that Podkletnov claimed for his experiments. 8-02

  4. Gravity Shielding Experiments (Interprise Mission - Matthews and sample)
      "Scientists in Finland are about to reveal details of the world's first anti-gravity device. Measuring about 12 inch across, the device is said to reduce significantly the weight of anything suspended over it."

      "The claim -- which has been rigorously examined by scientists, and is due to appear in a physics journal next month -- could spark a technological revolution. By combatting gravity, the most ubiquitous force in the universe, everything from transport to power generation could be transformed." Includes a diagram. 8-02

  5. Gravity Shielding Experiments - Applications (Brown)
      Discusses uses of a possible "anti-gravity" device, based on the work of Eugene Podkletnov. Includes a diagram. 8-02

  6. 02-05-03 Experiments in Space - A Legacy of the Space Shuttle Columbia ( - Knight)
      "Much of the scientific research conducted during the shuttle Columbia's last mission was lost with the lives of its seven crew members." "But not all their work was destroyed. 'Some of it was down-linked to the ground prior to re-entry,' says Ron Dittemore, space shuttle program director. 'Some of it will be their legacy.' " 2-03

  7. Showbiz Science Experiments (Education World - Cobb)
      Provides interesting experiments for children and teens to perform. 12-04

  8. Design of Experiments (
      Provides descriptions and definitions of key terms.

  9. Experiments Help Explain "Floppy" Space Molecule (
      "A laboratory method developed for making and analyzing cold, concentrated samples of a mysterious 'floppy' molecule thought to be abundant only in outer space has revealed new data that help explain the molecule's properties."

      "The advance, described in the Jan. 6 issue of Science,* is a step toward overcoming a decades-old challenge in chemistry--explaining reactions that occur within very cold clouds among the stars, and perhaps for developing new chemical processes." 01-06

  10. Experiments, Lessons, and Projects in Astronomy (
      Provides activities. 04-10

  11. Viet Nam Vets Feel Abandoned After Secret Experiments (CNN News)
      "This top secret Cold War research program initially looked for ways to defend against a chemical or biological attack by the Soviet Union, thought to be far ahead of the United States in 'psycho-chemical' warfare. But the research expanded into offensive chemical weapons, including one that could, according to one Army film obtained by CNN, deliver a 'veritable chemical ambush' against an enemy." 03-12

  12. Space - Experiments in Space (NASA - NeurOn)
      Provides lesson plans and resources for lesson plans for virtual experiments to be conducted in parallel with the astronauts. Allows students to participate in the experiments by sending results to NASA for comparison of results. NASA even provides a kit for teachers to use.

  13. Science Experiments for the Family (NASA - Spaceplace)
      Provides 11 activities related to science or the exploration of space. 09-09

  14. Science Projects (Exploratorium)
      Provides dozens of science experiments. 3-00

  15. Simple Machines Explained (Candelora)
      "This is a series of experiments about simple machines: levers, wheels and inclined planes. This unit was designed for use in the third grade." 12-01

  16. Intelligent Design as Science (
      "Unlike earlier generations of creationists—the so-called Young Earthers and scientific creationists—proponents of intelligent design do not believe that the universe was created in six days, that Earth is ten thousand years old, or that the fossil record was deposited during Noah’s flood. (Indeed, they shun the label 'creationism' altogether.)"

      "Though people often picture science as a collection of clever theories, scientists are generally staunch pragmatists: to scientists, a good theory is one that inspires new experiments and provides unexpected insights into familiar phenomena. By this standard, Darwinism is one of the best theories in the history of science: it has produced countless important experiments (let’s re-create a natural species in the lab—yes, that’s been done) and sudden insight into once puzzling patterns (that’s why there are no native land mammals on oceanic islands). In the nearly ten years since the publication of Behe’s book, by contrast, I.D. has inspired no nontrivial experiments and has provided no surprising insights into biology. As the years pass, intelligent design looks less and less like the science it claimed to be and more and more like an extended exercise in polemics."

      "Biologists aren’t alarmed by intelligent design’s arrival in Dover and elsewhere because they have all sworn allegiance to atheistic materialism, they’re alarmed because intelligent design is junk science." 8-05

  17. F-Test (University of Duesseldorf)
      "We can easily do power analyses for single-factor and multi-factor experiments. In G*Power, you select F-Test (ANOVA), Global for ANOVA, fixed effects: Single-factor designs, or F-Test (ANOVA), Special for ANOVA, fixed effects: Multi-factor designs, ANOVA, fixed effects: Planned comparisons, and Analyses of covariance (ANCOVA)."

  18. Chimpanzee Genome and Human Evolution (
      "What makes us human? We share more than 98% of our DNA and almost all of our genes with our closest living relative, the chimpanzee. Comparing the genetic code of humans and chimps will allow the study of not only our similarities, but also the minute differences that set us apart."

      "Providing a resource for more than just genomics, Nature presents a special web focus to commemorate the genome of Pan troglodytes. Alongside the first unequivocal fossil evidence of the genus Pan, leading researchers have kindly supplied Nature with previously-unseen film of experiments and observations of chimps in the wild and from world-renowned sanctuaries."

  19. Group Conformity and "Doing Wrong" (
      "Ash designed an experiment where there could be absolutely no doubt about whether subjects would be conforming or not and it was absolutely clear what they were conforming to. He wanted to be able to put an individual under various amounts of group pressure that he could control and manipulate and measure their willingness to conform to the groups response to something that was clearly wrong. Ash conducted what are now described as classic experiments in conformity."

      "Each naive therefore had 7 opportunities to conform to something they could see to be wrong. One third of the naives conformed on all 7 occasions. About three quarters of them conformed on at least one occasion. Only about one fifth refused to conform at all. Just to be certain that the result was due to the influence of the confederates responses and not to the difficulty of the task Ash used a control group. Each control subject was asked to make a judgement individually - there were no pressures at all. Over 90% gave correct responses." 01-06

  20. -09-27-06 Torture Bill Near Passage (MSNBC News)
      "While the bill would grant defendants more legal rights than they had under the administration's old system, it nevertheless would eliminate rights usually granted in civilian and military courts."

      "The measure also provides extensive definitions of war crimes such as torture, rape and biological experiments - but gives Bush broad authority to decide which other techniques U.S. interrogators can legally use. The provisions are intended to protect CIA interrogators from being prosecuted for war crimes." 09-06

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